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  1. Web Game Dev

    WGD (Web Game Dev) is a new site dedicated to bringing people and information together for those who are web game developers or are at least interested in developing games on the internet. Our site brings you the latest web game news, blogs, and forums to discuss your project, or help others with theirs. You can also find the tools you need, or read reviews on the latest tools used in web game development. We concentrate only on Web-Based games development. ie: Flash, PBBG, AJAX, javascript.... Anything that is played via a browser. This site is not intended to compete with but to help the web gaming community. Interested? Enjoy!
  2. MMOG Middleware

    Can anyone help? Perhaps move this thread the a relevant forum? Thanks,
  3. Hi, I have a question about MMOG Middleware/MMOG client/server software. We are currently evaluating BigWorld ( as a MMOG middleware application for our future game. Are there any other packages/companies out there comparable to BigWorld? Does it have competitors? Thanks in advance.
  4. The Paradise Project 3D MMOG

    Yes it has been resolved, it wasn't intentional, didn't realise that guests had no access to attachments. :)
  5. The Paradise Project 3D MMOG

    Quote:Original post by The Rug Looks pretty good so far. I will suggest, though, that you make your screenshots more accessible. You want to generate as much interest as possible, and some (most?) people will consider signing up not worth their time. I did only because I'm a developer so I like to see other people's projects [smile] How about inserting a couple of the shots straight into this thread? Anyway, I wish you the best of luck! Thanks for that, I have opened the forum to guests so they can view all the "public" forums. :) If you need to post then you register. Makes more sense that way. Thanks again.
  6. The Paradise Project 3D MMOG

    haha, its not for spam ;) We just want to make sure if announcements go out that you are in the loop.
  7. The Paradise Project 3D MMOG

    I wanted to announce our new screenshots available to show where our prototype is at. I posted the screenshots in our forums. Enjoy! [Edited by - iduchesne on May 18, 2005 6:16:47 AM]
  8. Protecting game assets

    Quote:Original post by the Speed Bump This is somewhat tangental, but anything you release is always automatically protected by copyright, whether you slap a EULA on it or not. Of course I mean that too ;)
  9. [web] looking for a message board script

    I'm sure phpBB will be good enough, it has plenty of mods and addons you can install. I haven't researched all the items you need, but I'm sure most of them are made as mods already. One board I like now as an alternative is Simple Machines you might want to take a look at them, they are FREE as well.
  10. Protecting game assets

    Thanks for all your great replies, it's appreciated. I should've known the answer before posting. Obviously protecting assets is a possibility and will never be secure. I won't try to spend to many cycles on it. I wanted to ask the question in case there was a "good" solution ;) We are using the Torque engine and with a good EULA, doesn't matter if the assets get stolen... if they are used somewhere else and we known it's our assets then it's a reason to get the law involved ;) Thanks guys!
  11. Not sure if I'm in the right forum, please move if needed. I am wondering how to protect game assets from being pirated. I mean, if I have a game client with images, scripts and models.... is it possible to package the files into one or many files (compressed, encrypted..) so that the game client can read the files inside the package on the fly while playing? If so, are there any site, literature, tools or examples that I can have? Thanks in advance, sorry if it sounds like a noob question.
  12. The Paradise Project 3D MMOG

    Hope you had a chance to visit and maybe subscribe to the forums. We are trying to spark some interest before the Prototype launch July 1st.
  13. A new world is shaping itself and new challenges can be sought out in our new Massive Multiuser On-line Game called : The Paradise Project™. TPP is set in the near future when man sets forth and reaches towards the stars. YOU are one of the colonists, and after a hard journey wrought with surprises, thousands of people like you arrive on a planet that has obvious signs of having been previously settled long ago and that is full of alien lifeforms. What will you do? Will you try to figure out the mystery of the ancient inhabitants, will you explore the wildlife and provide food and resources for the rest of the living community? Perhaps you will prefer the selfish path and establish your own little domain in this pristine uninhabited land? Who's to know since YOU are the only person capable of making that choice. YOU can influence directly where the story goes. [Edited by - iduchesne on May 18, 2005 8:47:50 AM]