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  1. The Short Version:   I used to lurk here in the old days now it seems I only get on here for announcements   I recently opensourced my stereo conversion app (it was sitting on a drive, rotting away), I'm not much into game development these days, but I expect that some here will be into the 2d/3d conversion part..   Here is the formal text I would normally spam you with -------------------------------------------------- Gimpel3D 2D/3D Stereo Conversion software is now opensource.   Developed by René Gimpel (an independent stereo researcher) between 2008 and 2011, Gimpel3D is recognized for its advanced modeling features not seen in similar programs (including commercial packages at the time of release). Since the original freeware release, many of the ideas presented in G3D have become standard features in commercial software. As a result, there is no significant advantage to developing G3D as a stand-alone proprietary solution, although the codebase makes a nice platform for future research and experimentation. René Gimpel has released all source code for G3D under the GPL so that other stereo researchers, hobbyists, and/or professionals can build upon his existing work, and integrate/test new capabilities using the projective modeling environment. Additional details available at: www.Gimpel3D.com --------------------------------------------------   I'll be cleaning up the codebase for others to get into in the near future (it's a big scary beast), but the whole project is available for anyone that wants to mess with it..   I welcome any and all feedback or questions   Thanks -mm   "Like all good things, it STILL starts with a monkey."
  2. monkeyman

    What landed you your first game development job?

    I don't know if this is applicable to TODAY'S market, but I wrote a mode13h quake-style clone in DOS in the late 90s...my level editor used 8-bit bmp textures and ran in DOS, and I had 2 engines, one in DOS and a win32 opengl port..at the time I had no degree and all my work experience was PC tech stuff with some website programming, all the 3d engine experience I had was on my own, and reflected in my resume demo.. Writing an engine from scratch isn't needed so much these days, but if you can come up some piece of core technology that you built yourself I think that would say a lot.. As far as making actual "games" I don't know if that would help, these days it's fairly easy to get the functionality going (look at Unity) and it seems like the majority of work with that is in the design and content creation (which is more on the art side), that's not as applicable to core engine programming... If you can find a decent artist willing to handle all that and just stick to coding that might be your best bet, if you try to tackle it all yourself you will probably spend more time on non-programming things than anything else..
  3. monkeyman

    Unity3D Survey

    I did the survey but I had a problem answering #10: 10. If our new product were available today, how likely would you be to recommend it to others? That would really depend on what you were offering, you might want to clarify or revise that question...imagine the same question being asked about a new car that you had no info about..
  4. monkeyman

    Gimpel3D on Wiki!

    Gimpel3D is now independently referenced on Wiki under the main topic of 2d/3d conversion, as of 1-31-2012 it is one of only 4 recognized software products on the market for conversion (props to me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2D_to_3D_Conversion Respect for all the the old-timers still lurking these boards, gamedev has really changed...somehow this place always makes me miss mode13h and my fat 512k video card where I could make "all" the colors...in DOS
  5. monkeyman

    Anyone want some free publicity?

    I don't know if this is applicable but I released my software for free recently: www.Gimpel3D.com
  6. monkeyman

    What you do when...

    The easiest way for me to get inspired is to work on something else entirely...if you get stuck you're not going to make progress worrying about it, you NEED to step back and take another look (like cleansing the palate between sushi dishes). I have 3 main interests that I cycle through, and I occasionally get burned out on each one of them. Each one is hard work and virtually endless study for life (music, programming, and illustration). I've been doing 2 of them professionally for most of my adult life, and the drawing I picked up in mmy mid-30s (it's my "fun" hobby for when I get old I used to feel anxious about getting stuck or burned out but I have learned this is a natural part of the cycle..you can't get a great performance if you are constantly hammering at the same thing, I didn't get into programming and drawing because I stopped caring about music so much, its that I really needed something else to balance out my life (practicing scales for 14 hours a day is great in your 20s but it's not a good lifestyle choice and eventually your music will be stiff and uninspired). I learned the same thing about writing software, at a certain point you max out your available effort that your brain can apply to any specific area, and the quality of your work and ideas suffers for it. This is your mind's way of telling you to take a break. Listen to it.
  7. monkeyman

    Giving it away for free..

    It's been fun, but nothing seems to be happening so I'm just letting it go and moving on to other things.. My stereo conversion app is now totally FREE to anyone that wants to use it, have at it guys: www.Gimpel3D.com
  8. monkeyman

    2D/3D Stereo Conversion

    BUMP: I finally did it! My app has been officially released as "Gimpel3D" and the shareware version is available just about anywhere, you can even google it http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Graphic/Graphic-Editors/Gimpel3D.shtml Now I can finally put it to rest and work on bigger and better things, I assume at least 2 people here might be interested so I had to drop by and give an update.. FYI for those that care, I finally got a job offer working on GAMES again after all these years (educational kids software for ipad), I am so excited about doing something Fun and Meaningful, I'll definitely post links and info if/when it goes through (they seem impressed with me and I am impressed with them, it looks like a good fit)..
  9. monkeyman

    2D/3D Stereo Conversion

    Hi- I buried a link to this in another post just saying hi, I figured I should post something specific in case anyone was directly interested in seeing the software.. If you are into stereo conversions you might like to see this: http://s3d.cgbylg.com/ @Ravuya - I'm not trying to spam the boards or cross-post I just wanted to throw it out in case anyone is specifically interested in seeing this, I'm guessing it might be more appropriate in other places but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put it up in the lounge.. -MM
  10. monkeyman

    Quit smoking: any tips?

    4 years isn't too bad, you might break away clean...I smoked for about 25 years, and it took that last 8 years to finally get rid of it.. What really helped for me was the "Ice-Breakers" Sours, I managed to quit for good (after 8 years of trying) by eating those constantly for about 3 months.. Good luck..
  11. monkeyman

    You Are Old ...

    Wait! That doesn't make me OLD, disk drives are NEW technology!!! It's a big step up from the standard method of storing code on cassette tape, and I hear that some computers even have a dedicated "hard disk drive" to load the OS so you don't have to keep swapping out disks.. Ah, The Future!
  12. monkeyman

    Greetings from an old pro..

    THANKS!!! This is the only message board I ever really participated in, it is so nice to be remembered I was just telling my wife about how we used to have ONLY ONE troll (nes8bit) and everyone just tolerated it because it was just one guy... I saw the post about the spammers, I'm guessing trolls are rampant as well.. For the record I do feel slightly bad about never contributing any articles or becoming a moderator, I just got tied up in getting my career going...I got so much help here in the early days I wouldn't have made it otherwise..
  13. monkeyman

    Greetings from an old pro..

    Absolutely, the app can output red/blue anaglyph, left/right images separately, or double-wide stereo images... The red/blue anaglyph is the best bet for realtime editing on a PC because it doesn't require any special display hardware, but the final images could be shown in any other stereo format...I added dual monitor support so the anaglyph view can be isolated to a separate monitor while the application runs in the primary display but it's still red/blue output during editing...I could probably support the newer 3d displays coming out but nothing seems to be standardized yet, I'm saving that for the future (of course I can always do custom integration if a studio needs it)... For a tech demo the biggest problem isn't the licensing so much, but the wide range of quality possible and the actual labor (I've automated much of the process but it still requires human workers for a pro result)...now that the core app is locked down I believe I can get a good demo together but I still face the "paint me a picture" problem I described.. I've been working with a studio to possibly start a conversion service (entirely different ballpark than "making software" itself), that's where the Star Trek and NBC clips came from, I'd like to use some of that if I can...there is no licensing agreement so I didn't want to include anything we worked on together, which leaves me with not much to show..
  14. monkeyman

    Greetings from an old pro..

    Yeah, I really need to get some converted footage to show off, that's a big requirement...I got some great clips through a contact with NBC and did some demos for a studio using the new Star Trek movie, but I can't show any of that of course...for those demos I got free rotoscoping work so the only labor required (on my end) was the 3d editing, I made some great training videos that show the process of converting film but it's all using commerical footage.. For demo stuff the target level of quality is a big issue, as the conversion can be fast and cheap or detailed and expensive...I believe the software can deliver a better result for any given level of effort and time, but there is no standard.. The best analogy is that I make great construction tools, but I'm not in the business of building houses, when someone wants to see a completed building (in this analogy), I can explain that the actual architecture and design can vary (from a simple shed to the Taj Mahal), and I can demonstrate how the tools work, but most people just want to see the finished result, they won't know the details of how the foundation was laid, or the walls constructed internally.. My other bad analogy is that I make great brushes, paints, and canvas, but when someone asks me to "paint a picture", it's difficult to convey exactly why the tools are better..I culd easily paint a stick figure, and the paint may go on better than with other tools, but in the end it's still a crappy drawing -------------------------------- I may get releases to use the commercial footage (I was very happy with the Star Trek tests), I'm also working with an artist friend to generate some useful video demos that show how the tools are used during an actual conversion... I did record several informal training videos for a studio that was interested in buying me out at the prototype stage, but I can't use any of those materials, that was certainly a downer.. I will definitely post an update here on gamedev when I finish the next phase, getting "Version 1" out was a huge milestone, the next will be to have the training videos for a completed conversion up on youtube so everyone can see how it works in action.. Thanks for everyone that checks out the page (and/or requests the demo), I've been living with the code for so long I am slightly stunned to have a finished release out there...
  15. monkeyman

    Greetings from an old pro..

    WOW things have certainly changed in the last 10 years, I'm not doing any game development these days, it's all simulation and film processing...some of you might remember me from way back when gamedev was just a small group of independent nerds trying to make a better world by sharing ideas and solutions, those were the days. Since then I've become middle-aged and although I check up with gamedev every few months, I am totally out of touch with this younger generation of coders, I'm not sure how many people here can appreciate the fun and coolness of manually rasterizing textured triangles directly to the video buffer in mode 13h, with a whopping 256 colors and a whole 512kb of video memory to play with.. For old times sake I wanted to make a quick shout out to the older members to show off my personal project I've been working on for the last 3 years, there are few people that can appreciate the technology and work that goes into this and I wanted to share FYI I released this publicly TODAY after 3 years of hard work. http://s3d.cgbylg.com/
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