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    speed too slow???? why???

    Hello all, Have done a small 3d walking about game.. just a couple of buildings, not much going on.... and when i run it on my computer, it works fine, but when i run it from my sons computer, it runs very verys slow. Why I dont understand this is because: Quake runs ok on my computer, but on his computer, it runs perfect, much better than mine, yet my game is the other way round... Can anyone help??? is it maybe a better idea for me to learn DirectX?? Thank you all for you help.
  2. Please can someone help... I need to texture map a quad with a pic of a man, and need the parts surounding to be transparent, so he doesnt look like he is standing in a black square, I can get this to work if i use masking from lesson 20, but as you disable depth testing, he is always at the front, even if he is behind a building, you can still see him... lessons 20 only seems to be for 2d... someone had sugested to make the black area white, but that does nothing... The nearest example i can think of is doom 1, as the game is 3d, but the monsters are 2d... can anyone help???? Using VC++ and OpenGL. Thank you for anyhelp.
  3. Hello all I have a 3d world that works fine, with texture maps ect... now i am trying to have a texture mapped quad, with a pic of a person, and the black around the person needs to be transparent. have checked lesson 20 on masking, but that seems to be for 2d only, as when done in 3d, as depth testhing is desabled, the pic appers behind everything, and if you turn depth testing on, the pic has a black square around it... is there a way to do this??? (doom 1, is an example i think, where the people are 2d, and the game is 3d??? hope this makes sence... thank you for any help.
  4. breenan

    Can nobody help????

    oops sorry about the spam... new to this... didnt think anyone would see my message if i posted it under my other message, and thought i gave it a sh%$ title. Thanks for your help, will search for winsock, but could not find anything on this site, or nehe... i did see somthing once, but dont know where i saw it (on nehe site).
  5. I posted a message bellow, just need to know if anyone knows of any good place to learn about Multiplayer and Network programming stuff, i am using VC++6, and OpenGL. Where do i get started... is there somewhere on the nehe site??? Thank you
  6. Hello all, Just want some info on multiplayer and network programming, i will be using VC++6 and OpenGL, no nothing about multiplayer stuff, so need to know if there is somewhere i can learn this. Thank you
  7. Hello all, I have a good understanding of creating the 2d tiles, making the map and moving around... But all i need to know is... when you see a building, or a wall, if you walk behind it, your charter looks like he is behind it (becuase the wall is in the way) then when the character walks in front of the wall... the whole charecter can be seen. Also... if i had a large building, will it be made up of lots of little tiles... any examples and code would be appreciated. Thank you all for your help.
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