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  1. jdhardy

    I must know

    You won't be getting HDTV (High-definition TV), just DTV (digital TV). Basically, same content, same resolution, same quality, but uses less of the signal spectrum. Of course, this is about money, and the US government stands to make about $10 billion on the sale of the now-free spectrum, part of which will be used to subsidize converter boxes for those without TVs capable of handling the digital signal. This isn't about pushing HDTV, it's about making boatloads of money selling the now-free spectrum (Intel wants part of the 700MHZ TV band for WiMax, since it has much higher range the the 5.8GHz band they are working in now).
  2. jdhardy

    Visual Haskell

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/extend/ One of the examples they ship integrates IronPython with Visual Studio. Unfortunately, it requires VS 2005 Standard or above, so Express users (like me)) are out of luck.
  3. 3. The paramaters of fcould be anything if operator, is overloaded for any of the types involved. All you can say for sure is that there's four of them.
  4. jdhardy

    Usage Control

    The biggest issue with needing to connect every time isn't for dial-up users (it's a pain, but not impossible), but laptop users. WiFi isn't everywhere yet. If I want to play your game 36,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean and it won't let me, guess how likely it is that I'll buy Project3?
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