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    It Just Works(TM) (for the most part)

    I was "Stumbling" recently and came across yet another Linux distribution. I thought to myself "stay away... Linux always sounds like a good idea, but it's just going to piss you off." Anyway, long story short, that distro I stumbled upon just happened to be Ubuntu 6.06 and I can't believe how far Linux has come over the last few years. I was able to repartition my HD (with XP on it) without any problems, all of my hardware worked immediately, etc, etc. Absolutely incredible. I used to always use Linux + KDE so I installed kubuntu-desktop from Synaptic. Ugh! I used to dislike gnome but now I love it. It feels much more stable than KDE and just seems more "mature" overall. I can't believe I'm using Linux again... Ubuntu just makes the entire experience quite nice.
  2. ontheheap


    I've been using xcode for a couple weeks now and I still can't even figure out how to "manually" make an sdl / sdl/opengl project without using the pre-made projects. I tried creating a new c++ project and copying exactly the folders/resources/settings in one of the pre-made sdl projects but it doesn't work. Also, I can't find any info on linking the sdl framework into the executable itself so the end user won't need to install sdl separately. Bah!
  3. ontheheap

    Sex workers give GTA the shaft

    From the SWOP front page: "SWOP Requests Donations" Right...
  4. ontheheap

    Resume mini-rant

    Thanks for the tips. For some reason I see this as a good thing though. I hope that when I get ready to graduate and start applying for jobs I'll be competing with equally incompetent people [grin]. Of course I plan on working my butt off for whatever internships I can find before graduating, in hopes of having relevant work experience to put on my resume.
  5. ontheheap

    Entry #70

    That guy was definitely PWNED!
  6. ontheheap

    got a new book

    Now I have another thing to ask santa for this year [grin]
  7. ontheheap

    Quick update

    Cool. I received the GDC info poster in the mail today, so I'm setting aside a bit of money so I can go. I've never been off the east coast before so going to cali for a game conference is going to be really fun. Come to think, a buddy of mine moved to san fran a couple years ago. I should look him up and see if I can stay with him for the week. It is in san fran, right? From march 7th to the 11th?
  8. ontheheap

    webpage madness

    Can you send them to me through my email? I'll see if I can get them to work. otheap@gmail.com
  9. ontheheap

    webpage madness

    What format are the other images in?
  10. ontheheap

    The Aftermath

    Make your head the pong ball. Instant classic!
  11. ontheheap

    webpage madness

    You have to upload the images to your account. Then just use <img src="mypic.gif"> where mypic.gif is the name of your image and file type.
  12. ontheheap

    Entry #28

    Sorry you're feeling this way Mushu, I really am. Even though I've only been here for a short while, gamedev and game dev has completely taken over my life! I've made hundreds of posts, and read countless more. I consider you to be one of the better posters and members. Perhaps you just a need a nice long break from everything code related, and a chance to reevaluate what you want to do with your life. It sounds like you are still interested in coding, and making games, but life is just being a dick to you right now. Do you have any other interests or hobbies? Something that is completely unrelated to computers? If not, get some! For me, it's riding my motorcycle and watching movies. And I just realized what that quote is from. Billy Madison! Another poster here (initials CM, I believe Conner McCloud) used that quote to reply to one of my posts and I couldn't recall where it came from.
  13. ontheheap

    Okay, I Needed That

    100 Push-ups and 25 Hand-stand push-ups. I can only do about 20 pushups in one go... man, I need to start working out again! And the hand-stand push-ups, the only way I'd be able to get into a handstand would be to slam against a wall [smile]. After that the only thing I'd be doing is falling over.
  14. ontheheap

    boost isn't what I thought it was and here Mushu:)

    Dude! That clicky is teh awesome! Ratings++ for you, sir!
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