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  1. Thanks for the info! You guys have given me some things to think about.
  2. Great idea! Is there an example of this setup you could point me to? I learn well by example :]
  3. So I'm writing a little 2D game for fun in C++ with the SFML API. You don't need to know about it anymore than this fact: to draw a sprite to the screen you have to pass it to the draw member method of the base window class you create. I just called it "App." So basically you go "App.draw(sprite);". My problem comes to the design of the whole shabang. What I've ended up doing is simply passing a reference to "App" in the constructor of all the drawable objects. Every drawable/animated object has a draw member method (inherited from base class), so I just let it handle all the drawing itself in one convenient function I iterate through in a manager class using a pointer array of the base class. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I feel this is rather sloppy. Does anyone have any input on this? Am I being an idiot doing it this way? Thanks!
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