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    Depth buffer to float texture and back

    It isn't that simple I'm guessing that glCopyTexSubImage2D would need to resolve the render target with the depth information to a texture. This has to be done using a shader as this rendertarget would be in video ram. Resolving the texture to a known texture format may result in loss of precision it depends on the format you choose, also reconstructing it in a shader may again result in even more precision loss. If you had a way to alias the depth buffer information as a texture then maybe but AFAIK this functionality exists only on consoles and maybe DX11. The best way to see if you can is give it a try, you wont get exactly the same depth information after reconstruction but it might be close enough for your needs. search on gamedev for "resolve depth to texture" for people that have already been down this road
  2. you would either need to know the size of the char * if its terminated correctly you can scan along the string till you find the \0 termination char or you would need to hold the string length as a member of the struct to know how many chars to serialize out. In either case you would need to write out the separate parts of the struct using separate writes. To read in you would just read the whole lot of data into memory and cast that memory region to your struct. It is much easier to use an existing library to do this for you but it is also a good learning excersize to do it yourself. good luck
  3. technomancer

    Diablo 3 website is up

    Just the game trailer is available as of typing this post but damn it looks good :)
  4. technomancer

    Future intel processors

    The 8 core processor from Intel will be called Nehalem, here's some info here. Nehalem Most of this information will be speculative though, as everyone that know what this processor really can do, will have to have signed an NDA so no talkie :)
  5. technomancer

    char array to std::string

    BTW: you can also construct a std::string from a const char * too const char* c_string; std::string cpp_string( c_string );
  6. technomancer

    Compiler VS Hand Tuned Assembly...

    Compilers will almost always produce decent optimised code but a compiler does not know everything about the code being written, so can not perform certain optimisations (i.e. memory access latencies, branch miss predictions, etc. ) a good ( I repeat good ) assembler programmer can optimise code to the point where instruction memory access latencies are hidden (using instruction pairing, etc.) and branches are minimised. I can tell you now I have seen code come out of some modern compilers that could be re-written in assembler and would perform noticeably faster, but yes generally compilers do a pretty good job. But generally if the code your writing doesn't need that extra .2ms speed increase for every iteration then the c/c++ compiled code will do. But in some situation especially the game development industry hand optimising some code in assembler is a must.
  7. technomancer

    Need help speeding up rendering time

    for mesh simplification and other mesh processing GTS is very good and open source :)
  8. technomancer

    Class Libraries in C++ HOW???

    Quote:Original post by bronxbomber92 For Unix machines (Mac OS X for me) is a .lib equivalent to a .a file? yep exactly, both are static libraries
  9. technomancer

    A Small Programming Challenge

    by pre-existing function do you mean like strtok or even atoi ?? if you can use atoi then its pretty easy cause atoi will convert to an integer up to the first non-numeric so just atoi increase your pointer by 2 and atoi again rinse and repeat :)
  10. technomancer

    R600 rumors

    check out this preview from Cebit of the new Ruby techdemo pretty amazing can't wait to see it in HD..
  11. technomancer

    Exchange 2003 - Common Address List?

    what you are after is called the GAL (Global Address List) check this out for some information on how to set one up
  12. technomancer

    Object Oriented algorithm design

    sorry to sound confused but isn't the problem your describing solved simply with Function Overloading ? i.e you implement both the MarchCubes(Field* pField) and a MarchCubes(BlobbyField* pBlobbyField) functions ?
  13. technomancer

    Version control systems

    The best Version Control System I have used has to be perforce, i think they will give you a personal licence for free too look here
  14. technomancer

    One of my first advanced programs

    Quote:Original post by Zahlman - You don't need to initialize x and y since you're going to be reading them in anyway. I would recommend to always initialise your variables so you know what they contain. Its better to have a 0 in there than some random value from memory, this has caused me no end of pain in the past.
  15. technomancer

    malloc returning NULL

    how much memory are you requesting from malloc, its possible that memory is fragmented and there isn't a big enough free block to give you.
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