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    4E4 Feedback, part 1

    Quote:Original post by superpig Shadows of the Savage Fist: The frontend should probably have the game name on it somewhere... Doesn’t seem to support alt-tab. Liking the artwork, though the Dark One (Riff Raff, is that you?) is a little bland for an otherworldly god/voice/power/thing. Some amusing fourth-wall-breaking in the opening scene, but be careful not to overdo it. Gameplay wise... one problem with having all your characters as black-suited ninjas is that it becomes difficult to determine which is which. Not sure I like the fact that you need to gather all your people together before you can go into or out of any building – it makes exploring houses and buildings much more costly in terms of time because you have to gather everyone together. Nice job on the zombies. It seems like there’s no line-of-sight testing – enemies are sometimes seeing me through buildings. LOL @ “Nameless of the stolen name file.” There’s a very annoying bug which seems to keep causing my character to become deselected, or to select the last character in the list instead. Sharkbeard is evil and I can’t figure out how to beat him at the end [grin] Entry Name | Score | Stb | UseOfTech | Speed | GameDesign | Art | TechMethods | HookFactor | GameplayQ | Present | Inst | Kudos Shadows of the Savage Fist | 6.292 | 8 | 6 | 5 | 7 | 8 | 4 | 8 | 6 | 8 | 3 | 0 Wow, I didn't expect anywhere near as good a review as this for my entry! You are absolutely correct on every point (except one heh): 1) No opening game splash screen 2) Some confusion in unit selection and movement 3) Didn't support alt+tab 4) Did have a selection bug (happened with mouse-over event of character tabs to left) 5) Gathering all units to move between maps was basically a quick fix to a problem I didn't have time to deal with 6) Very crude LOS testing that basically appeared as if no LOS test 7) Sharkbeard is (without savegame file cheating) unbeatable, or at least very, very, very hard (no time to test him before submission). Which is unfortunate because you get to fight The Dark One after you fight Sharkbeard. That is where my only disagreement comes in--The Dark One's portrait. He was made to appear mild on purpose because his attitude and portrait change in the end to become: Nightmares =( I'm extremely impressed with how thorough you were in testing. I doubt that I could have the patience to fiddle around enough to find the "Nameless of the missing name file" were I judging this entry!
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