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    Noob Test

    Quote:Original post by KGodwin I refuse to play any interactive fiction which fails to provide a 'help' command which lists all the verbs. I've got better things to do with my time than spend 5 minutes typing in words trying to figure out what the command list is. Agree with you there. I bet the majority of programmers can figure this out, but without a syntax guide its basically blind guessing the commands. Bad waste of time for what little its worth.
  2. KnightBlade

    "Kramer" goes berserk - sparks debate about racism on GDNet!

    Not sure if this was linked, but here is the other side of the Kramer story: Sorry if it was already linked. I haven't seen it in here.
  3. KnightBlade

    God of War 2- and other new games

    Lost Planet (360) Assassin's Creed (360, PS3) Supreme Commander (PC) Kingdom Under Fire (360) Also God of War 2 and Ninja Gaiden (port) for PS3.
  4. KnightBlade

    Gears of War commercial

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Hideo Kojima put it rather well. He said that games can never be art because their most important element, gameplay, does not stand the test of time. While we may find old games like Galaga or Asteroids "fun," they won't hold your attention for very long because they are no comparison to modern gameplay elements. While at first that makes sense, after some thought, I have to disagree with that. I still play older games, and I feel that newer games are really just rehashes of the older gameplay elements with the evolution in technology. Games like God of War, Assassin's Creed, and Devil May Cry are really just old school platformers but evolved. All FPSs are just Pacman evolved. I think any game can be broken down into elements that came from or found in games of old.
  5. Are you guys trying to do an editor of sorts? I certainly am interested in an editor that has normal windows controls (ie. file open, menus, buttons). Also, I read that having a run-time building process for the content pipeline (crucial for an editor) will require some hacks and whatnot. If you guys can post all you find in here, I will do the same. Thanks.
  6. KnightBlade

    How many of your friends are this stupid?

    You do realize that you can still text someone without using their actual phone number? For example I have my cell hooked up to my msn, and anyone can text me using msn, and I can reply right away to it. The number that shows up when someone texts me is actually a text number and not a cell number. This is especially useful for my as I have free incoming text.
  7. KnightBlade

    80 cores in 5 years: Intel

    I predict that a new company will come out of the blue with a single core that will pretty much own any multicore processor out there due to its uniquely designed architecture. In fact, I am sure of this. :D
  8. KnightBlade

    Star field for 2D

    Wow, those screenshots look amazing. Thanks. And what you said about different sized stars for giving the parallax illusion is a good idea.
  9. KnightBlade

    Star field for 2D

    Interesting. Do you have a screenshot of that? What you said makes sense, and well, it would be more interesting to implement. Thanks.
  10. KnightBlade

    Star field for 2D

    Anyone had experience with making a star field background for a 2D application? What is the best way? Using large textures in a layered approach, and scrolling each layer at different speeds for depth effect? Or generating the starts procedurally? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. KnightBlade

    What's the big deal about consoles?

    Quote:Original post by irreversible That is - what manner of creature is it, the console so that it is so darn special? when you are a programmer and spend 8+ hours a day in front of your work computer, do you really want to go home and spend 2-3 hours more in front of your home computer? thats as good reason for me as any other
  12. KnightBlade

    Getting into the industry

    Education is what you make it, not which school you go to. I finished my degree at UofT with co-op and I currently hold a job at a gaming company. School isnt just for learning, its for meeting new people, having new experiences, and learning to learn. Its to train yourself to do assignments on time and correctly. Its to learn about yourself in terms of how you can cope with other people and tasks set to you. Don't miss out on those. As for schools, UofT is fine, Waterloo might be a bit better, Ryerson is fine, York is fine. Apply to em all, and go check them out and see which ones suit you more. Whatever you do, try to get into their co-op programs, as those experiences can go a long way. You might end up with a job before you even finish school. As for jobs, do your demos, work on mods, learn as much as you can. If gaming is your passion and you really want to make a career out of it, hook up with the IGDA chapter, and make contacts. Good luck.
  13. KnightBlade

    OMG crazy telemarketer call...

    I worked at 2 telemarketting places before giving up. I hated the job. First, they pay you a flat shitty wage and you are supposed to make up for it with commission. Its really for those people that can BS out of their ass and trick people. I left both jobs, and for one I didnt even bother collecting my paycheque cause I was just so sick of it. All the people who worked there were either students or immigrants trying to stay afloat. I feel sorry for em. Endless cold-calling, its what hell is.
  14. KnightBlade

    question about the Pirates world

    A lot of people, including me, want to know that as well. I have a feeling that it might be revealed in the 3rd movie. Now just to analyze within the context of the movie, it seems like a prison of sorts for the worst offenders (pirate prison?). Perhaps he was looking for a man on the island who knows about the key and who drew that key. They didnt go into what it was at all, so it might be just one of those things that we are left to figure out for ourselves.
  15. KnightBlade

    Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest

    Spoiler: They all feel like shit, and then resolve to find Jack Sparrow from the ends of the Earth, and this sets up for the 3rd movie. We also see who that person who was sleeping/dead on the last visit to her house (we saw his boots), its Barbosa, the captain from the first movie. They will use his help to find Sparrow. It basically is ato be continued kind of thing for the next movie. [Edited by - KnightBlade on July 8, 2006 12:28:45 AM]
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