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  1. If you can't afford VS2005 you could always develop for WM2003 using the older dev tool embedded visual c++ 4.0 which is free(http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1DACDB3D-50D1-41B2-A107-FA75AE960856&displaylang=en). The executables will be compatible with WM5.0 dave
  2. Fragmo

    .x utilities

    You could try fragMOTION, there is a 14 day trial period where loading and saving is enabled and it'll load and save .x files with multiple animations. To edit the animation speeds click on the animation object and change the FPS value in the properties window. http://www.fragmosoft.com dave
  3. Take a look at the video mixing renderer. I haven't done a lot with it personally but it can render each frame into a direct3d surface and notify you when it's ready for display. http://msdn.microsoft.com/archive/default.asp?url=/archive/en-us/directx9_c/directx/htm/usingthevideomixingrenderer.asp a search on www.codeproject.com turned up some samples that use it http://www.codeproject.com/audio/vmr9.asp http://www.codeproject.com/directx/DirectShowVMR9.asp
  4. Fragmo

    Using Liquid Nitrogen to Freeze Water

    what if the robot gets thirsty though?
  5. Fragmo

    Using Liquid Nitrogen to Freeze Water

    Instead of carrying 12 liters of LN2, why not carry a 3 liter jug and vaccum out the water. perhaps you could name your robot 'moses' then :)
  6. Quote:All the tutorials I've seen just set the alpha value in the diffuse component of a material, and that does the trick. Did those tuts set a vertex shader in the setup? I'm thinking the default pipeline doesn't touch the material or light alpha values (someone correct me if I'm wrong) That would be the best way to set the alpha in the transformed vertices. You could also do a software transform and lighting stage to accomplish this, but would probably be slower. Look into vertex shaders, they are pretty easy to use and there are samples in the dx sdk. Quote:However, do you know if this is a particularly expensive operation? I.e. is using real textures/materials alpha channel faster in terms of framerate than this method? Is constant alpha (D3DRS_TEXTUREFACTOR) faster than per vertex alpha? If the alpha were just pulled from the material they should be about equal. dave
  7. Are you using any pixel or vertex shaders? The alpha value would need to be set into the transformed vertex and I pretty sure the transparency will work with those settings if the vertex has an alpha value less than 255. Just out of curiosity, try drawing a single triangle defined in screen coords where you are drawing your mesh and make sure the vertex colors have alpha values less than 255, this might shorten the list of possible problems. dave
  8. Is the texture set to NULL? try setting some or all of these states before rendering device->SetTexture(0, NULL); device->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_TEXCOORDINDEX, 0); device->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_COLORARG1, D3DTA_TEXTURE); device->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_COLOROP, D3DTOP_MODULATE); device->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_COLORARG2, D3DTA_DIFFUSE); device->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_ALPHAARG1, D3DTA_TEXTURE); device->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_ALPHAOP, D3DTOP_SELECTARG2); device->SetTextureStageState(0, D3DTSS_ALPHAARG2, D3DTA_DIFFUSE); the problem could also be with your light source. Check the alpha value of your light color, I'm not sure how d3d calculates the light, but I think light.diffuse.a would need to be set to 1.0f or at least non-zero. dave
  9. Fragmo

    fragMOTION 0.5 released!

    I just added forums to my website. Dave
  10. Create and animate 3d characters quickly and easily with fragMOTION 0.5. Download the free trial and see for yourself. Dave
  11. Fragmo

    fragMOTION 0.4.1 beta released

    Axiverse: ATL is similar to MFC, google for 'active template library 3.0' for some links, and yes this is a one man operation. RolandofGilead: fragMOTION is a commercial project. That's an interesting idea to load files into lua, when will it be able to write the files to disk? also, has anyone tried the schema examples listed on my website? http://www.fragmosoft.com/fragMOTION/Help/Samples/Samples.html They demonstrate some of the more powerful features of fragMOTION. dave
  12. Fragmo

    fragMOTION 0.4.1 beta released

    I just posted fragMOTION 0.4.3 beta along with the SDK. dave
  13. Fragmo

    fragMOTION 0.4.1 beta released

    Seriema, I figured out why the output was truncated in the mdl decompiler, the text box has a limit of 32k chars and large models will exceed that. A fix for this will be added to the next release, thanks, dave
  14. Fragmo

    fragMOTION 0.4.1 beta released

    Thanks for the feedback, I've seen that problem myself but I haven't been able to determine why it truncates the output. It only seems to happen with larger .mdl files, particularly the counter strike models. The original half-life models usually don't have a problem. I'm fairly certain it's extracting all the files though. dave
  15. Fragmo

    fragMOTION 0.4.1 beta released

    thanks :] Has anyone tried the .x file import/export? dave
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