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  1. Pulling out of 4E

    Well, my team is dropping out too. We ran out of time and the maximum system requirements for the contest are too low. We are still developing, and will have screens in the near future, but a full demo would be just too much to handle right now.
  2. [4E4] OpenGL 2.0 Support?

    ok, im confused now. The latest driver from nVidia for a GeForce3 supports OpenGL 2.0, so doesn't that mean GLSL shaders should run on the card? I really need to figure this out because we don't have time for a re-write. I'm just kinda confused, cause im not a programmer, so could someone explain this to me.
  3. [4E4] OpenGL 2.0 Support?

    Hello all. A friend and I are working on an entry in an engine he's written. He's written it so that the effects will be handled by GLSL Shaders based on the OpenGL 2.0 specs. How much OpenGL support can we expect? Can we expect that we can use GL 2.0? Also, will assembly shaders be allowed? We plan to do parallax mapping and motion blur with shaders, and also most of our other effects. Thanks in advance, David
  4. [4E4] Game Length Question

    I'm working on an innovative survival-horror game that will have in excess of 10 hours of gameplay. Now, the part with the zombies wont come in for at least 3-4 hours. Would it be alright if i submited my game as a demo with a few levels instead of the full game? or is a full game required?
  5. Does my character fit the role?

    my main character is a computer program that is basically a computer virus reprogrammed for good. he resembles a robot and doesn't speak. does this qualify as a robot? in my game there are corrupted files infected by HLLP's (high-level language parasites) basically the equivelent of headcrabs. these corrupted files are driven by the desire to spread the HLLP's to other programs, they no longer function in their original purpose. would this qualify as a zombie? also, i have ninja like viruses and hackers. would a hacker/software pirate be considered a pirate?
  6. Essential Game Development Software

    sorry, i must have misread ur post. hope things go well with ur new company.
  7. Essential Game Development Software

    you might wanna check this out, its a complete game creation suite, absolutly free, no programming required and very capable of some good graphics, its no unreal engine 3.0 but its free and it rocks, got normal mapping, foliage and tree entities, very powerful simkin scripting capable of some very cool gameplay and a whole ton of new features. new version will be out sometime this month.
  8. Cool New Forum

    i thought we weren't supposed to post just to post. ooh, bad Tweedle Dum, no oyesters
  9. Very Useful Game Engine

    my bad, missed a letter, its fixed now.
  10. Game genre inaccuracies

    also we explain the HUD through the fact that you wear EVP(Extra-Visory Perception) Glasses that give you a HUD and thermal and other vision types. they are basically just sun glasses with a very cool holo-display.
  11. Game genre inaccuracies

    actually several of the problems you say FPS games have i have eliminated in my game, which technically isn't an FPS but has some FPS elements. in my game: -enemies carry mare than one weapon and can use their features, such as a scope or light -enemies can restore their health as well, using the same items as you do; enemies can use all power ups just like you do -the player can only carry four weapons, all of which have their logical and visible holding place/holster in your uniform -all power ups are taken from equipment lockers/crates or the dead bodies of enemies and friends i'll have a very awesome screen to show off soon.
  12. Very Useful Game Engine

    Hi all, i noticed a thread posted a while back talking about different game engines, but i noticed that the best open source engine i have found is not listed. Enter "Reality Factory". using a tricked out version of the Genisis3D engine, Reality Factory has been equiped with some very cool features recently, and more features and resources are being added just about everyday. the most recent tech demo, named "Cell Division", gets framerates exceeding 120 frames per second, and demonstrates highly detailed environments and characters, normal mapping, very cool lighting effects and animated interactive decals on weapon models along with many other cool features. i have been working with Reality Factory for half a year and it still amazes me. if you are interested in using this engine to create your game please visit this website: and dont forget to sign up on the forums: [Edited by - Game Developer 1 on September 12, 2004 7:15:42 PM]
  13. FireArm/Weapon Setup

    i prefer games where the number of weaps you can cary is limited. but still, each weapon will need its strong points and its weak points for thsi to work. for example an energy weapon might be effective against energy shields, while ait is inneffective against armor and vice-versa for the bullet/solid projectile based weapons. this is how im gonna have it set up in my game: player can carry one pistol, one rifle, one melee weapon(read: knife) and one stun gun. none of these is more powerful than the others. each has its strengths, etc.
  14. X800 Pro card

    thank you mattnewport, you wont be dissappointed. i realize that what i said about my engne was a bit premature, but im gonna try to bring on an artist who can do some stuff as good as those UE 3.0 screens. watch the boards for the topic "Star Force" in the announcements section, thats the name of my game, and as soon as i have some good stuff that is where you will see it.
  15. X800 Pro card

    another thing to consider is that the GeForce 6800 Ultra(i was recomending the non-ultra version) requires an alterante power source aside from the one it gets from your computer.