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  1. P90X Experiences (Exercise DVDs)

    Never done P90X myself... however (being in high school) I know plenty of people who have tried it with great success. Even some of my siblings are doing it (they failed). You need to know that it's, as I've heard, just about the hardest thing you're going to ever put your body though (except time warp). Many of my friends have done it and their body tone, strength, health, etc., have increased ten-fold. My suggestion: from what I know it's extremely difficult to do, but if you can do it, I guarantee you won't regret it. It's possibly the best workout instruction video out there and will definitely guarantee results if you work at it.
  2. Am I destroying the world?

    Quote:Original post by owl And I was drunk. Am I destroying the fucking world or what=? No, just your kidneys. :) Owl, I wouldn't worry. To be honest, I'm not very old and I won't try to be wiser than I am, but I'd say you shouldn't worry about what you say. Here's how I think of it (in a paraphrased form of what Tim Minchin said): I'm a tiny, insignificant little bit of carbon in a universe that is so great, so tremendous, that I can possibly not imagine even a tiny fraction of what it holds or could hold. Therefore, I don't worry about really much of anything that happens in my life, I realize it's all relative. What will anything matter when you're dead later? I don't see the point in wasting my time worrying about what other people thing (not that I'm selfish or an asshole), but I don't let outside circumstances get my goat so to speak. Don't let things bother you, live your life. Tim Minchin ends this lovely speech in one of his acts by saying, "I've got one life to live this life of mine, one life to love this wife of mine..." and I think he couldn't be any more correct. Make the best of your time here on Earth and do what YOU want (as long as you don't impede upon others ambitions and goals). My two cents...
  3. Your favourite game?

  4. Hello Game Dev Forum

    These should also help get you on your feet: For Beginners Articles and Resources Hate to say it, but getting mentored isn't probably best, I'd take a look at the "Articles and Resources" section of the site (I have even been known to do that from time to time when I need help or inspiration, it's very handy). And I should say that for 16, I really like the way you're going at this. I remember when I first joined this forum, my attitude was... sub-par to say the least. :D Stay positive, stay focused, and hell... if you need any help, don't be afraid to ask around. The "For Beginners" section of the forum is your Mecca when you are absolutely stumped and confused.
  5. Photoshop Pro vs. Photoshop Elements For Game Development

    Quote:Original post by 3dmodelerguy I was wondering if Photoshop Pro has any features that Photoshop Elements doesn't have that are crucial for game development? Yes, Elements lacks a few of the things PShop Pro has... well, more like almost all of them. You'd be best just investing in a copy of Photoshop (not Elements). Elements (at least in my artistic comparison) like using Paint compared to using the full on Photoshop; simply put, it's great for the average end-user, not great for game developers. If you're on a budget then you could probably find a good LEGAL copy of Photoshop somewhere like on Amazon of an old copy (rather than the new CS series, those will generally run your wallet up a tree). Try browsing Ebay Stores, Amazon, or for various older versions of Photoshop and the price should drop pretty dramatically.
  6. [web] Problems with footer (HTML/CSS)

    Thank you both so much. I've learned from my mistakes... ArchG, it worked! Thanks again man, rating++ to the both of you for your help.
  7. College Art Portfolio

    I'm in my last year of high school and have just finished my art portfolio and have almost finished applying for college. I'm going to be applying to Savannah College of Art and Design with this portfolio, I hope to go into Animation or some Visual Art degree, tell me what you think... I could use the criticism. :) Art Portfolio (PDF) Art Portfolio (PPTX) Enjoy and thanks for viewing!
  8. [web] Problems with footer (HTML/CSS)

    I'm not sure you understand the problem (or maybe I just don't understand your explanation. Here's the latest. I did what you said and it didn't fix it (and actually offset the menu); but hey, it's all part of working it out I suppose. :) Now I have a problem with the menu not being centered, as well as the existing problem of the footer not being at the bottom. I have an inquery though about your method to fix the footer. I believe what you're suggesting I do is I create a filler space between the bottom of the content and top of the footer. I'm not sure that would work, even if I tried it. Here's the updated code, if you could be so kind as to check it yourself and see where I could be going wrong that would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a bunch, I feel you might have gotten me closer. index.html CODE stylesheet.css CODE
  9. [web] Problems with footer (HTML/CSS)

    So turns out your fix didn't work. Here's my code I've got for the index.html and the css stylesheet page respectively: index.html CODE stylesheet.css CODE Any help is greatly appreciated... this is a 5-minute fix for any average webdesigner, I just can't seem to find the problem.
  10. [web] Problems with footer (HTML/CSS)

    I tried position: fixed; and it actually did nothing but stay in the bottom wherever I scrolled to. It would follow my scrollbar and be at the bottom there for each frame rendered. The problem is I don't want it to render if the text exceeds my window size. Does that make sense? Thank you though, you might have led me on to something.
  11. I have a problem with the positioning of my footer. I'm using a CSS and HTML combo for this website and attempting to use as few images as possible. Attached is a ZIP of the website I've got (just the images, index html page, and the css stylesheet). This shouldn't be a difficult fix and I believe I'm only missing one thing, but any help would be appreciated. Attached also below is a picture of what my dilemma is. WEBSITE ZIP FILE
  12. 3ds Max Backburner Problem

    I'm running into a few problems when trying to run a Backburner server from my PC. Here's the set up: Laptop - Running 3ds Max project - Running Manager - Running Server (connected to Manager) - Running Monitor (connected to Manager) Desktop - Waiting for jobs - Running Server (connected to Manager) I can get my project on the Laptop to render on the Desktop, but for some reason I can get the Laptop to contribute to the render, how can I do this? Is there something I'm doing wrong? When I create the network task it will render fine on my Desktop PC, but another copy of 3ds max DOES NOT open on my Laptop as I'd expect it to.
  13. Question about copyright laws,,,

    Daggerbot, from what I've been told... "if you think it's copyright infringement... then it probably is." Just my two cents.
  14. If i hear those words one more time...

    Quote:Original post by Toolmaker Quote:Original post by Moe Quote:Original post by Daggerbot Not an option :) Would it be wrong to assume you are a girl? [grin] Or gay Ever consider finding a boyfriend?
  15. The Meaning of War

    Quote:Original post by davepermen well, even the united states now officially agreed that the WMD stories where faked to create support to invade irak. i think this got stated by obama and bush by now. unsure about bush, though.. I don't mean to be pushy and rude, but would you perhaps have a source on this? I wouldn't believe it if I read it in a forum (no offense Gamedev), but I would believe it if I read it from a reputable news source (not faux news).