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  1. Hi all, I'm having an issue when using QPC/QPF here is my code: unsigned frameNumber; unsigned lastFrameTimestamp; unsigned lastFrameDuration; float lastFrameDurationS; void InitTime() { LONGLONG time; qpcFlag = (QueryPerformanceFrequency((LARGE_INTEGER*)&time) > 0); if (qpcFlag) qpcFrequency = 1000.0 / time; } unsigned SystemTime() { if(qpcFlag) { static LONGLONG qpcMillisPerTick; QueryPerformanceCounter((LARGE_INTEGER*)&qpcMillisPerTick); return (unsigned)(qpcMillisPerTick * qpcFrequency); } else { return unsigned(timeGetTime()); } } void Timing::Update() { if(!timingData) return; if(!timingData->isPaused) { timingData->frameNumber++; } // Update the timing information. unsigned thisTime = SystemTime(); timingData->lastFrameDuration = thisTime - timingData->lastFrameTimestamp; timingData->lastFrameTimestamp = thisTime; timingData->lastFrameDurationS = timingData->lastFrameDuration * 0.001f; } When i use this to simulate some physics based animation everything work fine on my laptop and my home pc. But i tried it at my job's PC wich is more powerfull and the animation is jerky. When i use timeGetTime instead everything run smooth on every pc. I confirm that every PC that i tried support the HighRes timer. Here is how i use it: actor->m_position += (actor->m_velocity * g_pApp->GetTiming()->lastFrameDurationS); Here is the spec of the problematic PC's processor: http://ark.intel.com...-GTs-Intel-QPI). Any idea would be apreciate. Thanks.
  2. Hi all! I was wondering what would be the best approach for a simple classic 3D space shooter smooth camera movement. Games like Freelancer, DarkHorizon, SpaceForce have such a smooth camera movement controlled with the mouse. What would be the step to achieve that kind of result ? Any idea will be appreciate! I also want to understand the math behind it. I'm using c++ and directx. Thanks!
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