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  1. gcs584

    Sega BASIC

    Keep up the good work! That first screenshot reminds me of Jill of the Jungle. GCS584
  2. gcs584

    MS Word hax0ring

    Just as a matter of interest, have you made any progress on the development of the OS? Regards, GCS584
  3. gcs584

    Top 20 geek novels

    Quote:Brave New World I had to read this book in high school as well and then write a follow-up report analyzing the book. It is seriously one of the worst books I have ever read. After the novelty of the author's depiction of how future generations would reproduce wore off, the book just got plain boring. After you've read the first couple of pages, there's no need to read any more. GCS584
  4. gcs584

    God must hate me

    Could you possibly post some screenshots of the "shared vision" feature that you're currently busy adding? Regards, GCS584
  5. gcs584


    Hi, I gather that since your WIFE is working she is an American. Howcome then are you trying to get an H-visa when you should be able to get automatic green card? Just curious though. Regards, GCS584
  6. gcs584

    A reply from Rockstar

    Awww...best of luck anyways! GCS584
  7. gcs584


    Any news on the job interview that you recently had? GCS584
  8. gcs584


    Hmm...could it have gone any better? Best of luck! GCS584
  9. gcs584

    The research NPC

    Sounding good. Keep the journal coming! GCS584
  10. gcs584

    i r newb...

    How about that election? Damn Labour! [smile] Later, GCS584
  11. gcs584

    VIDEO: Girls in Games video interview

    Well... As caffeineaddict said, the thing that bugged me the most was the background noise. I struggled to concentrate at the beginning; I did adapt to it eventually. Other than getting a tripod as superpig stated, it was all good. I do like video interviews; you get so much more insight into people's personalities. I will point out that you did ask some very good questions to them which gave me a better understanding of their ideas/opinion of a 'womens role in the gaming industry'. GCS584
  12. gcs584

    VIDEO: Girls in Games video interview

    Hmm...quite interesting. Good to see that there's people out there encouraging women into the industry. Interview quality wasn't too bad, but could be improved :) GCS584
  13. gcs584

    Technical problems in Eternal Lands

    Hi, Just out of curiosity (probaly a random question), are you going to use the same network architecture and library as what you used in eternal lands? Have you been happy with your network layout in eternal lands? If I recall, you used SDL_net, right? Thanks, GCS584
  14. gcs584

    New shirts

    Congratulations! GCS584
  15. gcs584

    New shirts

    Hi, I was curious to know if you house-deal pulled through? Anyways, best of luck GCS584 P.S. I do like the shirts!
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