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  1. Dim_Yimma_H

    Spellbound: October Update

    !!Words cannot describe how stupid my comment turns out, now that I know more about you Eric.   I recommend everyone to read your previous journal, especially this:   IT'S AN INCREDIBLE STORY and you lived it. I was more or less overwhelmed of watching Avatar last night, but that feels like nothing after reading your previous journal.
  2. Oh welcome!   So you did find the "include" files in Windows explorer as well, did you? I.e. can you click on let's say windows.h? This isn't really clear from your post, or is the file physically missing?   Can you see if you have the "Windows SDK" installed? It should've been selected when you run the installer,
  3. Dim_Yimma_H

    Spellbound: October Update

    Ranch? I didn't believe there were a lot of cowboy sort of programmers, but you seem to be one! Shooting bugs from the hip, I'm kidding. No, what you wrote is all damn impressive.
  4. Dim_Yimma_H

    Isometric RPG devlog #1

    Do you mean with "final" that you'll get out of programming after this project? I'm curious about what reason one might have for that, since i've been thinking like that too.
  5. Dim_Yimma_H

    Projectiles, Bounciness and Penetrability

    That was an interesting ..experience! Well written. I mean wow, bouncing bullets, why haven't other games had that? Because you're right, they haven't! And it looks like a really fun thing to play with. You could use some decent 3D positional sound effects to give players a grasp of where the bullets fly. Maybe you would you show tracers too.
  6. You're really right bwhiting, for me it's big news. And it's confusing why Steve said they didn't allow Flash and now they "allow" it anyway through AIR. What was the deal about that? Is that why each iOS app includes its AIR runtime? Is that representative of packaging an AIR app, or is there a more straight-forward way? I got no Flash on Windows 7, though Microsoft doesn't support it as an ActiveX anymore but they say they work closely with Adobe to support it natively via Windows Update. So they didn't drop it much after all,
  7. Dim_Yimma_H

    How big is your project?

    My 2D game engine is 66500 lines, but only 43000 lines are actual code.
  8. Dim_Yimma_H

    How are u treated as a "spammer" by The Internet?

      Wow so this is real, to say the least.     It makes total sense now that you say it.   I'm sort of the only one sobbing in the lounge lol, i should go talk about lines of cokde instead.
  9. Dim_Yimma_H

    How are u treated as a "spammer" by The Internet?

    Exactly that's what's going on, from what i can gather. And my main issue is that the backbone of the net is trying to identify users (and block them) based on rule of thumb, from last decade. An IP address is less personal than a taxi these days.
  10. Dim_Yimma_H

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    If Trump wins the election, do some of you think the whole situation with him as president will be in his own best interest, or will "democracy" win over him? In other words, is democracy a solid system after all, or has it been an illusion up until now? But if he loses the election, could it be in his own financial interest?
  11. Apple doesn't allow Flash on iPhones and iPads. And Microsoft dropped support as well.
  12. Dim_Yimma_H

    View Mode implementation and wittering

    Wow @ both of you? But don't worry, I'm glad if there's even only one of you ha ha! This is something completely different than Squishy and quite a bit more complex. I don't know too much about 3D animation, but the idea about camera and adding the separation vector but with fade-out and -in over some threshold is just brilliant. Way to go!
  13. In my case, i used comment on a few blogs a couple of times per month for like the last 10 years. But since may 2016, i usually can't comment anymore, because a big third-party website technology has determined that my internet service provider (ISP) is a spamming network. The blogs in question happen to be Wordpress blogs and the 3rd-party tech was made by "Spamhaus", and the blocked ISP is one of the biggest in my country. As far as i can see, the block was triggered because the ISP assigns dynamic IP addresses (suspicously) to its users and they've been blocked from Wordpress comments because Spamhaus have detected that a lot of them are senselessly posting and messaging (or are infected, more probably) according to their 3rd-party set of detection parameters.   According to Spamhaus, one should be able to unblock themselves (their ISP) through their website, which i tried, but each time i was sort of redirected to their front page instead of being unblocked and there was no error message. In addition they require JavaScript from their unblocking "users" but that didn't help me either, i figure it's because my browser isn't updated enough. I think that's like "local post office inc." would systematically treat me as a gangster because of my cheap snailmail delivery service provider, or why not because of my favorite shopping mall or my last issue of daily newspaper.   And last week my aunt asked me why two recent personal e-mail conversations between her and two different estate companies were "hidden" in the spam filter of one of the biggest e-mail service providers in my country. For my aunt, that has the first time in... yes about 10 years. As far as i can see The Internet is more and more governed by the corporative jungle's law, but do enlighten me, pls.   PS. Do u remember last decade? I used to fail in figuring out 2 of 3 captcha codes, really.! But now Google has implemented reCAPTCHA as one of the bigger technologies to validate internet users, and it always determines that i'm a "robot" and only because i have not automatically updated to the latest couple of web browsers supported by Google giggle hi hi hi cheers
  14. That's interesting to know, i'll think of it. Oh that's news to me, good to know those solid games also suffer from the problem, which means I'm not alone with the problem. You know what; i actually plan to do that if making another iteration of the engine. Haha, I'll be a blast from the past. Oh DWM, seems to mean that each window is drawing graphics in a hardware accelerated buffer of the DWM, I guess there becomes a conflict when IDirectDrawSurface7::Blt applies hardware acceleration to stretch into the same buffer. Reading on about DWM now,
  15. Dim_Yimma_H

    Hi, Im Dave and I'm an Generic-aholic.

    Hey why did you become addicted to making your code more generic? Generic code takes more time and isn't rewarding, considering it's frame work rather than GFX. Maybe some psychological preference of feeling smart over doing good, or keeping code clean as well as the kitchen sink clean rather than food in it =P Well I'm quite addicted to generic code too, but I don't like that in the end. Anyway I like what Geri and Hodgman said.
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