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  1. Hola, a lit question, i need a good method to get a kind of 3d walkable area, pgs should stay and walk inside area bounds, any idea? may i use a point in polygon test? thanx in advance!!!
  2. Hola, i need a lit help, i'd like to know how to use index buffer if i got different uv coords sharing da same geom vertex !!! Any help appreciated thanx in advance !!!
  3. giuseppeCT

    Performance Help

    and i do that :), i'm not so crazy, if the sphere is out of frustum i discard all tris inside the sphere otherwise i check every single tri.
  4. giuseppeCT

    Performance Help

    I'm drawing about 6000-10000 tris per frame, i got a radeon 9600pro 128megs with an athlon xp 2600 with 512mb. Consider form 100 to 3000 tris per drawprimitive(). i use D3DLOCK_NOOVERWRITE when vertex count go out from vb size, all seems to be done as good as possible, on a 3.2ghz with a fx5600 drawing about 10000 tris i got about 30 fps..............
  5. giuseppeCT

    Performance Help

    Nope, i make a bounding sphere for any object and first i cull the sphere if test fails than any single tris are culled against frustum.
  6. giuseppeCT

    Performance Help

    Yes, i agree with you about cpu, do you think using an oct-tree may help? anyway i need to sort tris inside all node leaf before to render the scene, use an index buffer may help too? Thanx again ! PS: I'm drawing about 6000-10000 tris per frame, i got a radeon 9600pro 128megs with an athlon xp 2600 with 512mb PPS: consider form 100 to 3000 tris per drawprimitive()
  7. giuseppeCT

    Performance Help

    Hello, i'm writing a 3d engine using directx9, really i'm not so satisfied about performance, i draw triangles list without using an index buffer and all traingles are sorted by texture type so that i reduced render states changes, i cull away all tris out of frustum and backfacing, i need a good way to sort triangles from near to far or a way to cull all unneeded tris eliminating scene overdraw as possible as i can......any idea? any suggestion? Thanx in advance!!!
  8. Hello, i need a help to solve a math problem, i got 2 points in space(say pivots), i need to get a matrix to orientate some point around by the line(axis) constructed from these 2 pivots(rotation around that line is not needed), what i'd like to obtain is a simple ik system for falling human bodies, something like the game hitman1/2 read the text below excerpted from an old article by By Thomas Jakobsen in 2003: ********************************************* Actually, in Hitman corpses aren’t composed of rigid bodies modeled by tetrahedrons. They are simpler yet, as they consist of particles connected by stick constraints in effect forming stick figures. **** The position and orientation for each limb (a vector and a matrix) are then derived for rendering purposes from the particle positions using various cross products and vector normalizations **** In other words, seen isolated each limb is not a rigid body with the usual 6 degrees of freedom. This means that physically the rotation around the length axis of a limb is not simulated. Instead, the skeletal animation system used to setup the polygonal mesh of the character is forced to orientate the leg, for instance, such that the knee appears to bend naturally. Since rotation of legs and arms around the length axis does not comprise the essential motion of a falling human body, this works out okay and actually optimizes speed by a great deal. ******************************************* i tried to make something similar but the rotation matrix derived from pivots rotates points about a wrong axis, consider that i got a skeletal deformation system to animate my meshes and i concatenate the inverse of original frame matrix by derived one, just to put back on local space points affected by the derived matrix.......... any idea?????? thanx in advance and as always sorry about my horrible english ;)!!!
  9. giuseppeCT

    DX Backface culling Slower than......

    I rewrite the buffer every frame, yup is dynamic write only............. i think agp is not the problem, i've 8x agp however, tris are about 10000 per frame.
  10. giuseppeCT

    DX Backface culling Slower than......

    I use Fraps to get fps, it slows down of about 5-10 fps, i use "DrawIndexedPrimitive"........ it's very strange............
  11. Uhm....anyone who knows why a simple backface culling using dx ( g_pd3dDevice->SetRenderState( D3DRS_CULLMODE, D3DCULL_CW ) ) is slower than mine made in software doing a simple cross and z test ( C=AxB if C.z<0 cull it otherwhise draw it ) ? Thanx in Advance!
  12. giuseppeCT

    Question about shaders

    Sure, i understand, very very powerful !!! thanx a lot guys !!!
  13. Hello, i'm trying to code a shader program written in hlsl, my problem is to understand how to get a result from a pass and use it with another pass, my solution is, set the render target to another texture surface execute the pass and use that surface with the next pass as the tex sampler, so that each pass need to use a new sampler created from the old one, is that right? sorry about my english!!! thanx in advance!!! [Edited by - giuseppeCT on March 8, 2005 12:34:27 PM]
  14. giuseppeCT

    Help Java and Midlet

    ok, sorry problem resolved, just a \r inside the string :) !!!
  15. Hola, may someone tell me what's the difference between those two lines of code???? int current=0; String t = Maps[current].gfx; //gfx is a string class with "/map0.png" loaded gfxMaps = Image.createImage( t ); and String t = "/map0.png"; gfxMaps = Image.createImage( t ); first one doesn't works, second yes !!! WHY????????????? PLEEZ HELP !!!
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