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  1. TrueTom

    Points of a circle in 3D

    Thanks for your help. It's actually that easy: Create a ortho-normal base 'around' the vector and use 'Wasting Time's formula.
  2. TrueTom

    Points of a circle in 3D

    Hi, probably a simple question: I have a point, a normal vector to that point and want to draw a circle (using lines with OpenGl), so i need to calculate some vertices of the circle. This is very easy for the 2D case (aka the normal is (0,0,1)) but I'm still struggling at 3D. Can someone give me a pointer into the right direction? Thanks, Tom
  3. TrueTom

    Error on pointer math

    Quote:Original post by Enigma Quote:Original post by MARS_999 float(/* stuff */) As far as I'm aware, that ain't valid C. Which begs the question which language are you using and why aren't you using it to its full potential? Σnigma It actually is, it's the same as (float)/*some stuff*/.
  4. TrueTom

    STL Debug tools

    VSEDebug - VS.NET Debugging Enhancement
  5. Let the linker create a map file and you see what's going on.
  6. TrueTom

    my c++ d c# benchmark!

    The comma is the new dot. (At least in germany.)
  7. TrueTom

    Really Annoying Error - Fixed

    Don't use function names that are already defined in windows.h. If you have to use the names, #undefine them.
  8. A different workaround: Use std::list<std::string> + boost::lexical_cast.
  9. TrueTom

    concept of a new engine

    1) Don't write software that can crash. 2) Post-Mortem debugging is way better than log files.
  10. TrueTom

    Assembly in Dev-C++

    Inline assembly for x86 in Linux (Don't be fooled by the title) BTW, GCC has an option like -masm=intel, so you can use the intel assembler syntax...
  11. TrueTom

    wstringstream problems in Dev-C++

    Have you tried to use a different name than stringstream?
  12. TrueTom


    With alphablending the drawing order DOES matter... Have you set the correct vertex color before the texture draw eg. glColor(255,255,255) ?
  13. TrueTom

    What Should I Do???

    What you are trying to do is called 'Billboarding' by the way...
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