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  1. Hi, Two questions about cloth animation: 1) Which method of 3D Studio MAX is better when exporting to 3D game based on a DirectX game engine 2) How do I load/render/play the cloth simulation exported from MAX in a DirectX-based game engine? Any hints, thoughts, links and ideas are most welcome :-) -Torbjørn
  2. Excellent - thanks! I will have a closer look at these pages.
  3. Hi, I am wondering if the morph modifier is supported by any directx-based game engines? Thanks!
  4. Quote:Original post by darookie You can take a look at the animation system that OGRE uses. OGRE's animation system allows for mixing morph-target animations and skinning. Thanks! I tried to search for information about this. Could you give me a link, please?
  5. Hi, We use 3D Studio MAX 8 to animate some faces based on motion capture data and use the Morpher Modifier of MAX. How can we export these facial animations and render them in DirectX? -We don't want to change/morph the faces in realtime, we just want to play back the mocap-based facial animations at given timestamps. (We have managed it properly for body animations based on motion capture, but then we have bones and use the Skin modifier, which is easier) Any inputs? Thanks!
  6. Quote:Original post by neneboricua19 Use this matrix when you render your geometry. neneboricua Thanks! So I should use this matrix as a WORLD matrix then? And what about the VIEW matrix, should it be an identity matrix? Finally, won't there be a problem with right-/left- handedness...?
  7. Hi, I have these lines of OpenGL code, that I need to port to DirectX. Could anybody help me out with what the DirectX code would look like for the case below? ------------------------------------------------ double gl_vector[16]; // R[3][3] is a rotation matrix, right-hand coordinate system, column major. T[3] is the translation vector (x, y, z). gl_vector[0*4+0] = R[0][0]; gl_vector[0*4+1] = R[1][0]; gl_vector[0*4+2] = R[2][0]; gl_vector[0*4+3] = 0.; gl_vector[1*4+0] = R[0][1]; gl_vector[1*4+1] = R[1][1]; gl_vector[1*4+2] = R[2][1]; gl_vector[1*4+3] = 0.; gl_vector[2*4+0] = R[0][2]; gl_vector[2*4+1] = R[1][2]; gl_vector[2*4+2] = R[2][2]; gl_vector[2*4+3] = 0.; gl_vector[3*4+0] = T[0]; gl_vector[3*4+1] = T[1]; gl_vector[3*4+2] = T[2]; gl_vector[3*4+3] = 1.; glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadMatrixd(gl_vector); glEnable(GL_DEPTH_TEST); glClear(GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); glutSolidTeapot(100); ------------------------------------------------- How can I take the exact same values of R and T and position an object in (left-handed) DirectX at the proper/same location as in OpenGL? R and T are given to me by an external tool (like a mechanical arm), so I can't control how they are calculated. I just have the values. Thanks a lot :-)
  8. Quote:Original post by the Speed Bump I haven't tried Axiom personally, but it may be what you're after. Thanks. Looks nice, but it also looks like it's only 1 person developing this engine. That is a little frightening. The application if for commercial use, and so I cannot afford that the 3D library/engine would stop being developed because this 1 person suddenly decides to do something completely other than developing his engine...
  9. Quote:Original post by SumDude Managed Direct3D? Thanks, but isn't Direct3D pretty low level? -There aren't very many high level functions, are there?
  10. Hello, I am working on Windows and have experience in both C++ and C#. In my opinion C# is better than C++ when it comes to programming time, errors etc. This is why I want to use C# for a 3D visualization applicatoin. It is not a game, but supposed to be used for the offshore industry, visualizing the bottom of the sea etc. What I want is a high-level API for programming 3D, and currently I am looking at Coin3D (, but it only supports unmanaged C++. Are there other high-level API that are suited for C#? Or would you recommend using C++ instead, and some other high-level library? Thanks, Torbjørn
  11. Hi, Which engine should I choose? I am starting a project where we need to build a virtual world, and insert/identify/hide/show/move/scale objects, change attributes etc. We need an engine that allows FAST development of rather simple virtual worlds, preferably using up-to-date technology. We are working on Windows XP using Visual Studio .NET. Mainly we have used OpenGL for 3D programming, but are interested in looking into other languages. Both commercial and open source engines are of interest. Any suggestions? -There are WAY TOO MANY to choose from.... Thanks, Torbjørn
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