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    World editor

    Hum, try here: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=5&sid=49e5753d831cdb0a9f59125c4451bb56 under Tool list, Free tree and plant, landscape modeling applications 3D state editor and Worldbuilder, Delgine, etc.
  2. http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=9
  3. bueno

    What is VertexShader used for?

    Sorry for interrupting you, but I must ask this: Is it possible in any way to implement occlusion culling using VS?
  4. bueno

    Physics/Game Patents

    Quote:Original post by John Schultz Complaining about patents is akin to complaining about taxes: everyone (worldwide tech industry) has to deal with it. Similarity between taxes and patents exists only because both are used by the government to fill budget. And this is where similarity stops. Patents in general should exists to protect somebody's invention. Nothing more and nothing less. Quote:Original post by John Schultz The Open Source movement was thought to be an industry changing idea (it has certainly helped Linux to thrive). However, (especially with application software) businesses need accountability for the software they use, and commercial, closed software has remained strong, with previous Open Source users moving back to paid-for, accountable closed-source software. I'm glad that you mentioned OS community, becuase you just add one more reason for software patents to exist on my list: 1. To fill government's budget 2. To prevent small companies competing large companies 3. To shut down OS community Last point is very interesting, because someone on the top doesn't really want to give too much freedom to one on the bottom. On other words, rich one can't be rich if it doesn't control the poor one. Quote:Original post by John Schultz Microsoft's patent claims are pretty broad (in other words, well written). If there is no prior art (and cannot be successfully challenged in court), it will be tough to create and sell such a system without paying fees. Personally, it does not sound like a very healthy system for a living creature... Nothing is healthy this days. Everything is about profit. Quote:Original post by John Schultz In the other extreme, some countries don't respect intellectual property at all: government promoted software piracy! I never heard about government really promoting software piracy. Maybe closing one oye, or something. I know that some governments are pushing open source solutions, while other are complaining about money they lose because of the software piracy. Quote:Original post by John Schultz As a commercial software developer (that is, in business to make a profit), the US IP laws are currently the best compromise available on this planet (the EU doesn't want to compete with US+Japan tech companies: their resistance to software patents is purely based on... money and profit, not philosophy or ethics) Almost agree, because there is no single country on this world which is ethical.
  5. bueno

    Physics/Game Patents

    Quote:Original post by John Schultz It's not a big deal: that's how the world+business operate. That's how the USA business operate. In a rest of the world (Europe for example) things are working diferently. I'm always wondering how is it possible to make patent on something which is not really invention? For example, Microsoft got patent on using electrical signals inside the human body. If one company wants to create device which can comunicate to another device over the human body, it must pay to Microsoft first. Where is an invention here?
  6. bueno

    How do you know if a girl likes you?

    If you are not so close to her, you know that she likes you if she smiles back. If you get any chance to be close to her, you know that she likes you if she is spreading her legs.
  7. bueno

    wxwidgets' static library size

    Yes, for me it takes around 400 MB. However, you can reduce size by editing config file and by disabling things you don't need. Check documentation how to do it.
  8. Hi. I'm currently making my editor using wxWidgtes. Problem is that wxWidgets have only GLCanvas, no D3D yet. But, because wxWidgets is free library and it comes with source code, it shouldn't be so difficult to implement D3DCanvas. I will do that in near future, so stay tuned if you are not in a hurry.
  9. Well, definetelly learn something about DirectX and OpenGL first. It will be hard to follow code otherwise. Or first, try to learn something about game development technics in general: scene, scene nodes, scenegraph, frustrum culling, matrix and quaternion technics (transformations), billboarding, alpha blending, materials and renderpasses, portal rendering, etc.
  10. If you are looking in sourceforge, then do not miss Irrlicht. This is simplest engine I ever seen, yet still powerful enough, with shaders, etc. You could also look for hes successor, IrrlichtNX, which is not under development any more, it will be replaced by Lightfeather. Lightfeather release is expected in next 48h as alpha. It is based on IrrlichtNX, but engine is writen from scratch, while keeping some old stuff for compatibility. http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/ http://www.irrlichtnx.mmdevel.de/ http://lf.mmdevel.de/
  11. Quote:Original post by earamesy Hi, We are designing a Game Operating System for PC from the ground up what features do you guys want? I strongly support idea, mostly because this is what I wanned long time ago. I think people working in game industry doesn't understand, doesn't know or they don't want to know something. And that is: ordinary game player have PC with NOT enough memory for modern games. So, let do something against memory problems. Unless, all of this is one big joke :-)
  12. bueno

    Tetris alike game

    OK, thanks. That makes sense.
  13. Hi to all. I would like to make tetris alike game, with different concept, but using same building blocks like in original Tetris. I found many Tetris games on the net, and it looks like many of them (or perhaps all?) are violating Tetris®. The company which claims to own Tetris® is here: www.tetris.com Please contact The Tetris Company to learn about licensing opportunities. The Tetris Company, LLC 103 Foulk Road, Suite 202 Wilmington, DE 19803 licenses@tetris.com Please use this email address only for questions pertaining to licenses. We are unable to respond to any email inquiries other than licensing questions. If you have technical support questions, please contact the publisher of your version of Tetris®. Thank you. [/QUOTE] Do you know something about Tetris® licencing? If I make game which is similar to Tetris, but it's played differently and in real 3D environment, do I have to get licence? Regards Bueno
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