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  1. Register classes with Luabind

    Thanks. I have noticed the long build times, and its very annoying and its hard to seperate the luabind code from the rest of the engine. I also dont like that Luabind is dependent of Boost (12 MB extra headers). I think I will stick with toLua for a while longer.
  2. I wonder if I must declare all classes to be registered by Luabind inside the module(L) [ ] scope or if it is possible to register the classes one by one (by adding them with a function call or something)?
  3. Really noisy PC

    Remove the shell and place the rest inside a box of bricks. Put on a lid of plaster or heavy wood on top. That should remove all noise.
  4. Thinking of downloading an Audigy 2

    Get a professional sound card. SB is for kids playing games. I recomend M-AUDIO DELTA AUDIOPHILE 2496.