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  1. KingsRevenge

    First completed game: Pong Clone

    Well done. I enjoyed it. Physics were a little different from waht I would have expeted but it was nice neverthe less I won :). AI scored none on me.
  2. KingsRevenge

    How to make a 3D game?

    Free open source engine: www.ogre3d.org Low cost good 3d engine: C4 Engine www.terathon.com/c4engine
  3. KingsRevenge

    are #defines bad?

    The prefered method of #defines in C++ is something like const int monster = 10;
  4. KingsRevenge

    High School Noobie

    Your best bet may be to work with blitzbasic, or torque($100 dollars, so only do it if you really are dedicated to completing the project). Either way those should get you up and on your way rather quickly have fun.
  5. KingsRevenge

    C++ Programming Tips

    Seems you learned well, I don't really understand number 7 though could you elaborate on that a little bit more.
  6. You can probably make your fishing game straight from the torque scripting language which will allow oyu to focus on that rather than bother with even learning c++.
  7. KingsRevenge

    Best C++ Book?

    Quote:Original post by adam23 If your willing to spend the money on a good book, the absolute best one I've ever read is C++ Programming Program Design Including Data Structures Second Editon by D.S. Malik. It covers everything from the very beginning to even using STL. I still keep it close by as a reference. That book is ok, they use it at my school I find it just a decent book. Probably one of the others like Acceleratoed C++ may be better but out of your list I'd give a check for Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days over the Dummies book. The dummies book just cracks your eyes open a little. But Teach yourself c++ in 21 days makes its wide open.
  8. KingsRevenge

    NetLib4Games network engine (LGPL)

    I'll give this a look.
  9. KingsRevenge

    Quake 3 Source Code

    You gotta change one of the config files to point to the area whre the quake 3 pak files and such are stored as well.
  10. KingsRevenge

    What should I use NULL or 0

    Quote:Original post by The Parrot Quote:Original post by KingsRevenge If your going to school you may want to use NULL for pointers. My teacher marked a poitn off my test becasue I used a zero instead of NULL because its three less letters to write. That sounds like a priority problem on your teachers side - and a rather daft one, at that. I use it only for clarity. In a constructor; MyClass::MyClass() : PointerToOtherClass(0) { } (to make sure the pointer actually is 0 and not 'CDCDCD' or some of that kind). For checks in longer bits of code: if (NULL != MyPointer) { MyPointer->Flush(); } The first is part of a complex statement where you need to know what you're doing; the second is more of a 'fix-a-bug' type of fix, where 'NULL' is a signal for me that I'm doing a pointer check. I never use NULL to initialize an number. As with any convention, it depends on what works for you or the ones you have to work with. Saying 'NULL' is wrong because '0' is shorter is absolutely silly and it's the kind of thing that makes people call functions "PtrRtrnVluOver(BVa a1, BVa a2)". Which is OK if you understand it, but in my eyes the more clear the code is, the less of it needs to be in your head at the same time; lower upkeep value. The symbols in VC++ have a maximum length of 256 characters, even! So do what you like :) I used to tab my '{' inwards and use Hongarian, until I realised that the first was just confusing for others and the later was just a pain in all manner of nasty places. Yea, I understand personally I could careless, I use either or depending on where they fit best but I mostly opt for NULL when using pointers. However what happens when you type a variable name over 256 letters?
  11. KingsRevenge

    What should I use NULL or 0

    If your going to school you may want to use NULL for pointers. My teacher marked a poitn off my test becasue I used a zero instead of NULL because its three less letters to write.
  12. I've heard that quadtrees work well for large spaces of terrain.
  13. KingsRevenge

    Alternatives To Torque?

    Yea the C4 Engine looks pretty good. http://www.terathon.com/c4engine/
  14. The biggest thing I can say is make sure you code/work on a variety of projects. They don't have to be huge, but just be doing something small here or there and it'll help you learn the small things in between the cracks.
  15. KingsRevenge

    School vs. Real World

    Good info, please keep it coming.
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