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    Pool Cue Spin Physics

    Hello! I am making a pool game too (MPool). My situation is almost similar to the situation that Shadx have. Now I'm planning to implement the spinning of a balls and I am thinking about how to make it in a better way. Thanks to grhodes_at_work for the interesting link. Maybe, information from THIS website could also be useful.
  2. Hydrophane

    Grubby Games releases "Professor Fizzwizzle"!

    This game is really interesting. I have completed all levels from demo once I've start the game. All the levels are original and well thought-out. Great work!
  3. Hydrophane

    MPool ("8-Ball" billiard game)

    Quote:Original post by kgenthe Its impossible to break the balls up no matter how/where you hit. I always get clumps of balls. May be it is simply required to increase the maximal hit strength... Anyway, I've understood your comment and I will be trying to fix the problem. Thank you for kind reply!
  4. Hydrophane

    MPool ("8-Ball" billiard game)

    Thanks for feedback. phackett The stylistyc font is what I am currently working on ;-)
  5. Hydrophane

    MPool ("8-Ball" billiard game)

    Are there any problems while downloading the game?
  6. Here my game I make in my free time is. It is a 8-Ball pool. Game screenshot. Download version 0.06 of the game. Please note that the game uses OpenGL for graphics output, so you will need the video card with hardware OpenGL support to run the game. There is no AI in the game yet, but there is the ability to play against other human on the same computer. I need a feedback on the 8-Ball pool rules having been implemented by me. I'm not shure I have implemented all the rules, and I am not shure I have made it right. I were taking the rules from this web-site. Any feedback is appreciated. P.S. Sorry for my english. P.P.S. I have a suspicion that you will have problems with downloading the game because of my free web-hoster "www.fatal.ru" but this may be only a suspicion and nothing more. If you have problems with downloading the game please post a message here about it. [Edited by - Hydrophane on July 12, 2005 6:01:44 PM]
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