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  1. _Sigma

    L1/L2 cache optimization

    Gallery of processor cache effects Be nice to your cache Both these, I think, should help answer your questions.
  2. _Sigma

    Intel Parallel Universe

    Great find, thanks for the heads up!
  3. If you're working under *nix/cygwin, why not just capture the Standard streams?
  4. _Sigma

    Copy Protection Resources?

    It's funny, but you'll find the best discussion on how something works and its subsequent weak points in the tutorials posted to reverse engineering forums. Pretty much every copy protection method has been broken, and there are tutorials on how to crack it that describe how the weak points are exploited. But you need a background in reversing to even begin to understand it. If you want something higher level, I'm not really sure such a resource exists. A book like this this has a good couple of chapters on protection of an application from reversing. It by no means describes something as complex as SecurROM, etc, but it lays the fundamentals.
  5. I'm using OpenMP to parallize some scientific Fortran code. At the moment I am parallelizing for loops. Using Intel's v11.1 ifort compiler on an Intel Quad core I obtain a 25% speedup when moving between 1 thread and 4. Identical code, compiled with gfortran, only nets an 8% speed up. I've rerun both watching it with top and I notice that while the ifort compiled binary loads all four cores (CPU utilization = 390%), the gfortran compiled one loads at most two (CPU = 190%, best case). It frequently is only about 120%. I am compiling with -fopenmp I've tried manually setting total number of threads to use via the environment variable export OMP_NUM_THREADS=4 I'm at a loss here. Any ideas? Platform FWIW: Vista x64 Q6600 gfortran compiled and run from Cygwin 1.5
  6. _Sigma

    10 years

    Quote:Original post by mutex so it's a wonder that I've managed to stay on a game development site this long. My job and education have nothing to do with gamedev, but I stick around because of the knowledgeable people. I do a lot of HPC and the one thing GameDev and HPC have in common is an obsession with making something run as fast and efficiently as possible within the hardware constraints. Other than StackOverflow, I don't think I've found a community with this many intelligent people. I'm coming up on 5 years this September...
  7. _Sigma

    Font faves

  8. _Sigma

    weird bug...

    Quote:Original post by MaulingMonkey Their exact capabilities are describe by the property known as Rollover. If you have a keyboard that supports N-Key rollover like the Das Keyboard, you won't run into this. However, it costs more, so few keyboards do it. Most of the "gaming" class keyboards don't. Again, they are stupidly expensive too, but I guess you get what you pay for.
  9. I don't really see any point in these two repentances Quote:I have an uncle with the Toronto police who has expressed great interest in helping me with this goal. I am now very grateful that there are services such as OSAP to help students like me make the most basic of ends meet so that I have the energy and time to focus on what is important, my education. They don't seem to add much (if anything left me partially confused), and the last line seems like an unneeded suck up. All IMHO, of course. Good luck!
  10. _Sigma

    Graphics Card

    Quote:Original post by Dasil Thanks for the replies! The reason I wanted to upgrade was that I was trying to play Crysis on the highest settings, and the game was running very slowly. Now it seems to be working better. I think I'll take your advice and wait for a while before upgrading. Thanks again! The general internet joke is now "...but does it run Crysis?" whenever some one talks about some fancy ass technology. I think it is a generally well accepted fact that nothing* runs Crysis well. *Unless you are willing to throw ungodly amounts of cash at it.
  11. _Sigma

    The making of Gabriel Knight video

    Very cool. Too bad it is such poor quality!
  12. _Sigma

    Stack vs. Heap (C++)

    Bregma, rolkA: Thanks. I figured I knew it, but decided to sanity check just in case :) Quote:and the free store is often referred to as "the heap" although rarely is a heap data structure used in its implemtation. I didn't know that one tidbit.
  13. _Sigma

    Stack vs. Heap (C++)

    Quote:Original post by alvaro Quote:Original post by argonaut Quote:Original post by alvaro Now, if you have questions about any of the three issues above (stack-vs-heap, initializer lists and passing by value or by reference), try to not mix them up in your question. The question was over how initializer lists should be employed. That was all that needed to be said -- "look up something called initializer lists". KulSeran did a nice job of it. I thank you for your help though, and your efforts to make me feel like a dumbass are truly appreciated. That was not the idea at all, and I am sorry if it came through as insulting. Lack of knowledge doesn't make you a dumb ass. I wrote my post hoping that it would help you structure your language and your thoughts about programming. Your reply was polite and informative. I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. _Sigma

    Stack vs. Heap (C++)

    Quote:Original post by Zahlman Quote:And isn't the heap actually managed by malloc/free, and new/delete manage the "free store"? Yes. Most people can't be bothered to distinguish, though. Although they should. What is the difference again? Quote:The question was over how initializer lists should be employed. That was all that needed to be said -- "look up something called initializer lists". KulSeran did a nice job of it. I thank you for your help though, and your efforts to make me feel like a dumbass are truly appreciated. Given you asked about stack and heap, given you titled your thread about stack and heap, given you kept talking about stack and heap, that is what you got. No need to be snippy, we are just trying to help.
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