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    Urban Object Set

    Weston... i'm currenty thinking about creating an organic only model pack. This pack would have shrubs etc only. And then make a tree model pack. For torque of course. I see your on garage games. Thats where i also wanted to sell for in .dts format. How many sales have you actually made for that model pack? How much money have you made? Would you be willing to maybe work a partnership with me? Thanks. Also you can aim me at SummerOfSixTNine or email me at voodoo665@yahoo.com Edit also here is one example of my work: http://www.fate-rpg.com/~voodoo/chest.avi
  2. JeffHealey

    .OBJ Exporter?

  3. JeffHealey

    Few Weapon Models.... CRITICIZE!

    Hrm... every engine varies, but basically as low polygon as possible without looking like total crap. One engine i was on said 500-100, another under 500, another 1000-2000. So i would say stay under 500 . Remember : LOTS of detail can be done with textures. I myself can UV map but i am bad at making textures.
  4. JeffHealey

    .OBJ Exporter?

    Does anyone know of one? Like .obj to .x or .3ds etc? Thanks.
  5. JeffHealey

    Animating in maya, or rendering an animation?

    I think Windows>Playblast.... is what you are looking for. It makes a video of it.
  6. JeffHealey

    Few Weapon Models.... CRITICIZE!

    I understand exactly what you mean... On all weapons, what do you think is an acceptable number of polys? I am going to go back to each one and fix/make more detailed. Also about maya how do i do a project uv's? Paul can you give me step by step directions if possible? Thanks.
  7. JeffHealey

    Few Weapon Models.... CRITICIZE!

    Hrm, well i just bought a Maya book to learn maya better . I want to learn how to texture but i can never understand UV mapping.. it never works out right for me. If anyone knows how and wants to teach me i'd appreciate it. I looked all over for tutuorials but none work right for me. Anywho.. What is a pommel? I'll post individual pictures of each model later. There is actually allot of detail that you cant see just because of the greyness.. Thanks for constructive criticism, i'll fix the points you have talked about.
  8. JeffHealey

    Few Weapon Models.... CRITICIZE!

    18 people have viewed this... no comments at ALL?
  9. JeffHealey

    Few Weapon Models.... CRITICIZE!

    Anywho, i made a few weapons models. I'm planning on making 30+ weapons + shields + a carrage + horse/saddle + whatever else i think of and selling them all in a group for like 10$ or so. Anywho, i was wondering what you all think of these weapons i just made a bit ago. They are all under 250 polys i think and took under 1 hour to make each. Please tell me what you think/ what can be changed etc. http://www32.brinkster.com/colosseo/showcase.jpg -Thanks, Jeff Healey
  10. Well i need to find an exporter... It needs to make files .3ds or whatever format i need FROM .OBJ And i cant find any.... EDIT Also can anyone show me an example of this liscence? Do they have to actually sign it or what?
  11. Well i was thinking about creating packs of 3d models of lets say like 30 or so weapons. I would sell it for like 20$. If it will be used in actual games that go on the market can i sell to more than 1 person? IE Anyone who buys can use it on any of their games ETC? But can there be more than 1 buyer? Thanks. PS. If i didnt make myself clear enough just tell me and i'll try to elaborate more. For some reason i just cant get the words out that i want to say heh.
  12. JeffHealey

    Tree model is 2k poly entirely outta the question?

    In most 3d engines isnt there an " INVISIBLE " color... ie you texture something that color and you cant see it? Correct me if i'm wrong.... but why couldnt you just make a bunch of little triangles or something simular and just apply the texture to that making a bunch of little spaces to look like leaves?
  13. JeffHealey

    Buying Models

    http://www32.brinkster.com/colosseo/index.html If you find anything there you like just tell me and i am sure we can work out a VERY VERY reasonable price. voodoo665@yahoo.com
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