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  1. Hello... I'm new to this forum and let me start out by saying: "I'm not a C programmer!!!" ...I wish I were but I'm much more of a scripter than a programmer. I am hoping, however, for some help on an idea I have relating to game controllers. I'm wondering whether it would be possible to create a mapping application for DirectInput devices. Basicly, the application would enumerate all DI devices connected to the system and allow the user to map the controls on these devices to a single virtual controller. So, for example, if I had two joysticks attached to the system, I could map the axes on one of them to throttle and rudder and have a poor man's HOTAS. The buttons on the T/R stick could be reassigned as well so that they wouldn't conflict with the X/Y stick. The general idea is to give a user control over their game control setup in a layer outside of the games themselves so that limitations within the games could be overcome... Is this possible...practical..? [Edited by - GK_Vector on September 20, 2004 2:09:39 AM]
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