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  1. subflood

    You bet I do!

  2. subflood

    Interview results

    Quote:What is a "CV"? CV: curriculum vitae in other word a resume
  3. subflood

    Station shading and lighting models

    do you use the win32 API to make the windows and the gui?
  4. subflood

    New planet video

    Quote: READ THIS: as in my previous post the movie didn't work from 3:29 divx & vlc failed and windows movie player didn't even take the whole thing. i downloaded from the mirror (second link), but we all know it is very unlikely that THAT could've been the problem. well... it is. do NOT download from the mirror, instead use the FIRST link. i just tested it on windows mediaplayer and he takes it. it now even plays beyond the 3:29 barrier. *rapidshare, we love you (if you can stand it's extremely bad interface, or even find your way through to the download anyway) The mirror version worked fine for me. I used the divx player. That's amazing ysaneya.
  5. subflood


    ahh much better. The clouds look good.
  6. subflood

    Some things just can't be kept secret...

    cool! Maybe the color is a little too light for me but that could be because I'm used to this dark blue.
  7. subflood

    Level of detail

    I was wanting to ask you if the textured books (from this screenshot ) are still there in the current version and are they going to be there in the next version?
  8. subflood

    Traffic jams and killing fields

    Quote: I'm sorry but I'm disagreeing with you there. First off, this is a game. Ok... Quote: Second off, it does look like a real-life pileup. What do you want, a pretty picture? Pileups are chaotic and cars end up all over the place. I live in a city environment and you don't see pileups in the city. Although, during the winter on highways is a different story. Quote: Look at all that he has done on this game, by himself, and then you complain about the pileups not looking real? oi :p I'm not complaining, but trying to point out something that you don't see in the city and the author of the game agrees with me.
  9. subflood

    Traffic jams and killing fields

    The pileups look pretty cool but it's not very realistic.
  10. subflood

    What I did lately

    Why do you care about your rating anyway? It's not like you get a prize if you have a high rating.
  11. subflood

    More nebulas

    additive (spelling?)
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