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  1. Getting cvs on windows

    The command line cvs.exe resides in the CVSNT directory where you installed WinCVS. Take a look at this if you need cvs over ssh.
  2. MFC alternatives

    Thanks! That's just what I was looking for.
  3. MFC alternatives

    Thanks for all the suggestions. WTL looks nice. I'm not really any closer to selecting one of the but I guess thats up to me now :) bytecoder: In this case I'm inclined to agree with you since I'll be using whatever lib I choose to make small tools to games, but say that I was writing a bigger application (for instance an accounting app) with a fairly complex GUI and with lots and lots of lines of code. Would you still recommend Python as your weapon of choice? EDIT: There doesnt seem to be a free edition of Qt for Windows on TrollTechs website. Only evaluation editions.
  4. Hi, I've recently started using Eclipse 3.0 for my C++ programming needs. Eclipse, of course, does not contain the MFC SDK. Do you guys know if it is possible to develop MFC applications using Eclipse? (I do not own a copy of MS VC++). If not, I know there are other alternatives, like wxWindows (wxWidgets?) and GTK+. I've looked at these before and frankly, I don't find them that appealing. Are there other alternatives? What would you recommend? Oh, btw. I'm using cygwin-gcc 3.3.1. Thanks...
  5. Disabling X and Y clipping

    Thanks for the replies. I understand the problem a little better now. glRasterPos sets the position where the text drawn by glCallLists ends up. If this point gets culled nothing gets drawn. The easiest solution for me would be to tell GL not to cull this position. Is this at all possible?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to scroll some text, but when the text scroll outside the left side of the screen the whole string is clipped. I'm using glRasterPos to write the text on screen. How do I disable the automatic clipping of text drawn outside of the screen? ex. This is a test // <- OK s is a test // <- The whole string gets clipped Thanks.