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  1. Bumping this thread to let you all know the game is now also available on IOS. Only the paid version though.   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jumpr/id838364189
  2. I've just released my first libgdx game for android, I have both a free version with ads and a paid version.   It's a classic run and jump game, I think the difficulty level is pretty good, you will have to work on your timing to get through the whole game in a good number of attempts.   The whole point is trying to get through the 36 levels with as few deaths as possible.     I haven't written any games for a long time now, so this is my attempt to get back in the game so to speak. I set up some restrictions for myself, the game should be written over a weekend, so no "fancy" stuff   Hope you like it!   Link to the free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.ramblingsby.jumpr
  3. walle


    Just got home and tried the game a little more. It works great on my computer 64bit. I will try it under wine in a moment, but not sure how it will react to DX. [edit] Didn't get it to work under wine-1.1.14 in Fedora 10. The application just dies and no error logs is produced.[/edit] Quote:Original post by EasilyConfused That's a very interesting comment that I appreciate. I agree that the game is not initially very intuitive - I've been messing around writing extending limb games for a few months now so it is easy for me to get blind to this. One reason I'm so keen on getting feedback on this game. My hope is that by a finished game building up the skills gradually through tutorials, a player would get to the point I'm at where it starts to feel quite natural, but I do have concerns about the learning curve on this. This sums it up quite nice I think. It's a little hard to get the hang of at first, but you get better and better fast. A good tutorial in the full game is a really good idea to give the user a more forgiving learning curve.
  4. walle


    Your squishy avatar made me think of Also, the game was really nice but have not had the time to test it for real yet.
  5. walle

    This and that

    Have really only used SDL_Mixer, really easy to use, took me an hour to write all sound code for the game I used it in, been fiddling around a bit with both OpenAl and FMOD but they were a little bit overkill for my simple needs then so I left them alone. They are a little bit more complex than SDL_Mixer but gives more flexabillity so I would say it depends on your needs. Do you need 3d Audio and such? Then you have to go with FMOD or OpenAl but if you only would like to be able to play a sound on a channel go with SDL_Mixer, really easy and fast to set up.
  6. walle


    Been there, done that. And it is always as frustrating :)
  7. walle


    I did it like this: I have another class ImageHandler or something that stores all the images I load to the application and puts an index on them. Then when I load a image it returns the index, so if I have already loaded a image and tries to load it again I get the same index. Then i store a int in like sprite or whatever is using the image, int image_index. Then Blit(pImageHandler->getImage(image_index)); is all I have to do, and smoothly only allows one image to be loaded and used everywhere. Don't know if this makes any sense, writing on my lunch which is soon to be over, and still no internet access at home :(
  8. walle


    Ok, I understand how the rent can be a problem...I'm currently paying £192 per month in rent. But then I have a mortgage to pay, and that is around those numbers to. Didn't know it is so expensive to live in the UK.
  9. walle


    £630 that is about what I make after taxes per month, I live in Sweden though, taxer are quite high, 33% currently. But well I manage for now anyway but as I don't know how it is in the UK but here you manage with less anyway. Trying to cheer you up, but I don't know if I'm doing a good job [smile]
  10. walle

    Pissed (again)

    Sorry to be such a ranter, but now these two days I've been working on the project at work (look one post down) I have really come to understand why people complain so much about Internet Explorer. It is really frustrating working with, most common things work as expected(not the box model, but that is a whole chapter by itself, wtf?) but then, when you scratch the surface and so you get completely stunned about the difference between it and Firefox, Opera. Firefox and Opera are pretty much the same, though Opera has surprised me a couple of times. I see now that I look like a Firefox fanboy ranting about "how good Firefox is", but this is not the case. I have no real favorite browser, but Firefox makes the best job giving me what I expect to get when I reload the page. And I don't only talk about cosmetic things though they are the worst to cope with, like not having a disabled option for s in IE or not allowing a to have no border in IE, you can't do anything about it. But when your javascript code fails in IE and not in "the other browsers" you can always make up something fun serverside, but that isn't really what you want to do neither. But it is better than the weird rendering BUGS, because you can't do anything about it. Unless you convince all the people that are going to use the page to use "one of the other browsers", or maybe make them, check for "incapable" browsers before printing something. To bad that isn't an option working for a company. Then you have to listen to the majority, which is in fact using IE. Well two days in a row listening to me ranting, can't be fun, have to come up with something else soon. But I'll work on this project for a couple of days more so I won't promise something.
  11. walle

    Damn IE!

    The web isn't stupid. The browsers are. All in favor for only allowing one browser, raise a hand. I have trouble sleeping, and I write web apps for a living, perhaps there is a connection.
  12. walle

    Damn IE!

    Did you know that IE doesn't support I'm gray the text doesn't get gray and the option is very selectable, I found this out today when writing some time based code. Showing the days of the week in an selectbox, but no, it didn't work. Checked firefox to be sure, and yes my code work fine. Began to search the net for a answer. Here I saw that the "feature" was considered to be included in IE7, feature...well it's standard. w3 says that BUTTON, INPUT, OPTGROUP, OPTION, SELECT, and TEXTAREA should support the disabled attribute. Well it all ended with me doing an ugly hack, as usual, I check if the client is using IE (serverside) and then I just don't print the options, but if the client use any other browser I print it out the way it is meant to be. It's a shame though, 99.8 % of the user who are going to use the application is going to use IE. There, done ranting. Just got a little pissed, not that a gamedeveloper forum is an ideal place to rant about webdevelopment quirks, but had to get it out [smile]
  13. walle


    Got stuck with it yesterday, it's really addictive. Lost a couple of hours sleep thanks to it [smile]
  14. walle

    Undo / Redo done

    Done with undo and redo, got the history list up and running to but I have to work some more on that one. And make some proper graphics for it to. And well the only actions really implemented is EntityAdded and EntityRemoved, but gonna make the layer added removed actions when I get to write the code that actually adds and removes layers [smile]. So now I have to come up with what to write next, I think its gonna be the layer form, won't be to hard either, should have it functional the next time I get to code some. After that there isn't that much more to do, just the polishing, but no major parts. No major parts that I have already decided, but I hope to come up with some more soon. I'll look at some other free leveleditors and perhaps get some inspiration, some suggestions on what to add would also be appreciated. And well here is a screen of the history list in action.
  15. walle

    Undo and redo part 2

    Got a simple application with undo/redo up and running today. Basically each of the buttons registers a ButtonPressAction every time they are pressed, and if you do a undo you register a ButtonPressRemoveAction. And the code to actuallt undo/redo is index based, it manipulates the listbox.items at the current index. The CircularStack class is made in a couple of seconds so I won't take any responsibility on that it is perfect :) Try it if you want. Clicky
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