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  1. ArchWizard

    Once a month journal post

    Quote:Original post by Moe Yay for C#! Ever since I took a C# class in college (4 years ago? wow time goes quick) I haven't really looked back to C++. Maybe it's just the IDE, but things like proper Intellisense make life so much easier. I've had to move back to C/C++ for a school project and adjusting to a programming environment that doesn't want you to be happy has been less than fun. I miss good Intellisense, but I miss having a comprehensive standard API to work with even more. Did you know that there are half a dozen ways to do X in Windows and that all of them are wrong? It's true! P.S. Hi GameDev!
  2. ArchWizard

    Addenum to What's in a Name?

    Do what I did and choose a concept that is both terrifying and intriguing. That's how I got my site name: P.S. What am I doing here I left gamedev years ago D:
  3. ArchWizard

    Please don't flog me

    I hope Dr. Health Kit is featured prominently in Afterglow.
  4. ArchWizard

    It's Loose!

    I tried playing new Glow and I screwed up: I went to save right after reaching the second floor, but I accidentally clicked "Exit Game" instead. It could have at least prompted me :(
  5. ArchWizard

    The Big Picture

    Holy hell you're still alive.
  6. ArchWizard

    Game developing... and women.

    I've found that being a multiclass Game Developer/Bard/Wizard lets me get women (though not necessarily the ones with high challenge ratings). I guess that means the answer is "Yes."
  7. ArchWizard

    Should we eat animals?

    Quote:Original post by tstrimp Is there really a choice? Well, of course people are going to choose the ribs over the broken image.
  8. ArchWizard

    Your programming snack foods

    I'm rather fond of eating microwaved popcorn, cereal in a glass, chips (I'm big on kettle chips now), and sadness. Tasty, tasty sadness.
  9. ArchWizard

    Geek Ink

    Quote:Original post by Tha_HoodRat I am going to ink my son's name on my body , i have not figured our where yet. I am also going to get every game I create and complete inked on my back. If you run out of space on your body, will you stop making games?
  10. Eat rope- uh, I mean check the body for stuff, like maybe a note.
  11. ArchWizard

    Danged Paypal

    I have Money 2002 and I'm satisfied with manually entering transactions. Well, now I'm VERY satisfied because I know I don't have to deal with stuff like this.
  12. ArchWizard

    Geek Ink

    Quote:Original post by boolean Someone gave me some great advice about getting a tattoo. "Write down the tattoo you want to get, put it in an envelope and seal it away for a year. You’re getting a tattoo that lasts the rest of your life, so what's an extra year? At the end of that year take a look and see if you now go "Jumping Jesus Christ, what the fuck was I thinking?!". I took that advice and a year later went "Tap dancing Jesus, what the fuck was I thinking!?" If I didn't immensely dislike being stabbed with needles, this would be great advice for me to follow. As it is, it's only great advice for other people to follow. I'll be sure to spread the word whenever I can.
  13. ArchWizard

    Anyone else have a problem with this study?

    Quote:Original post by rip-off My reaction is based mostly on my self: if this is true, then why do I exhibit below average aggressive traits? Joke about the plural of anecdote being data goes here
  14. ArchWizard

    These guys probably could use some help.

    Requires registration; didn't read. Can we get a summary, please?
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