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  1. ArchWizard

    Once a month journal post

    Quote:Original post by Moe Yay for C#! Ever since I took a C# class in college (4 years ago? wow time goes quick) I haven't really looked back to C++. Maybe it's just the IDE, but things like proper Intellisense make life so much easier. I've had to move back to C/C++ for a school project and adjusting to a programming environment that doesn't want you to be happy has been less than fun. I miss good Intellisense, but I miss having a comprehensive standard API to work with even more. Did you know that there are half a dozen ways to do X in Windows and that all of them are wrong? It's true! P.S. Hi GameDev!
  2. ArchWizard

    Addenum to What's in a Name?

    Do what I did and choose a concept that is both terrifying and intriguing. That's how I got my site name: UndeadCatgirls.com. P.S. What am I doing here I left gamedev years ago D:
  3. ArchWizard

    Please don't flog me

    I hope Dr. Health Kit is featured prominently in Afterglow.
  4. ArchWizard

    It's Loose!

    I tried playing new Glow and I screwed up: I went to save right after reaching the second floor, but I accidentally clicked "Exit Game" instead. It could have at least prompted me :(
  5. ArchWizard

    Danged Paypal

    I have Money 2002 and I'm satisfied with manually entering transactions. Well, now I'm VERY satisfied because I know I don't have to deal with stuff like this.
  6. ArchWizard


    Or use an inline function.
  7. ArchWizard

    hello there

    Marksman yay
  8. ArchWizard

    Translation-y goodness.

    Glow had robots and low gravity?
  9. ArchWizard

    New look, same great taste!

    ArchWizard's Rule of Advertising: 80% of all money spent on advertising is a total fucking waste.
  10. ArchWizard

    Short video

    Quote:Original post by Stompy9999 I made a short 30 second video to demonstrate the game. 30 seconds because I captured the video using the unregistered version of FRAPS, which I probably should register now that I can actually use it. Orly? Have you tried GameCam, too? I personally prefer GameCam for recording in-game video since there's no limit on how much you can record at once, even with the free version. The catch is that it leaves a watermark the size of my fist on the video :(
  11. ArchWizard


    <ArchWizard> I found another kitten! This game is awesome! <ArchWizard> Only 86 kilometers to go <thor> watch out for wrong turns mang <ArchWizard> Oh fuck I rode 32 km in the wrong direction <ArchWizard> This rocks
  12. ArchWizard

    Steal these games!

    Quote:Original post by ukdm I loaded up Olive War! via your link and everything loaded in fine, but the controls didn't seem to work. Space bar and arrow keys right? Running Vista 32-bit, Flash 9, Firefox Could just be my machine setup, but thought it worth mentioning. --------------------------- Did some more testing and it works fine in IE and it works in FF if I download the SWF. It is only when I try and play it on thecodezone that the keyboard keys don't work. I have Win XP and Firefox and got the same problem.
  13. ArchWizard

    Predictable errors and no identity

    After Glow 2, you should make Glow Tactics.
  14. ArchWizard

    What's wrong with wikipedia?

    Quote:Original post by johnhattan One word. Girlfriend. Get one. Mith had a girlfriend. It's one of the many reasons he's so misanthropic now.
  15. ArchWizard

    Brixtar - Day 1

    Let us know how you do the collision detection. I still haven't implemented that in my breakout clone, Acid Trip Redux. If I'm not going to finish Generic Fantasy Quest any time soon, I should at least finish ATR soon :P
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