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  1. jaydude

    graphics programs

    Quote:Original post by mike25025 then why are you looking at 3d modelers? actually im trying to find 2d modelers. sry.
  2. jaydude

    i wanna be a graphics artist

    Quote:Original post by Hybrid So which do you want to be? A programmer implementing the latest graphics techniques or an artist who doesn't code and creates textures and builds 3D models in 3D Studio Max? whats the difference?
  3. jaydude

    graphics programs

    ive already read it
  4. jaydude

    a new guy

    Quote:Original post by Ryan Clark Try downloading the GIMP and working with that. which one do i download?? theres so many!
  5. jaydude

    a new guy

    Quote:Original post by Boku San What are you using C++ for at all if you're only going to do graphics? im gunna help the team program too, were all learning a little bit of each, but a lot of one thing.
  6. jaydude

    graphics programs

    is there any other programs i should use? id really like to no.
  7. what program is good? im looking at blender.
  8. jaydude

    directX run help

    Quote:Original post by circlesoft - Do you program? If so, what language, and how experienced are you? i am using C++ Quote: - Do you have any experience with any game programming? i am halfway through the book
  9. jaydude

    directX run help

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel If, as you've said in previous posts, your interests lie in art rather than programming, DirectX will probably not be directly useful to you. y not?
  10. jaydude

    directX run help

    and yes i no wat it is
  11. jaydude

    directX run help

    its not there. i went to microsoft etc. and cliked 'download'. i went through the install thing where u agree to the license thing and i cliked finish after that. wat do i do?
  12. jaydude

    a new guy

    Quote:Original post by Xai are you wanting to be a game programmer AND graphic artist? or just a graphic artist? just a graphic artist
  13. how do i run DirectX? ive got it installed ... how do i open it?
  14. jaydude

    a new guy

    thanks ryan clark unlike som others here
  15. jaydude


    where do i get DirectX? Does it have a tutorial?
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