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    Unity SDL stretching a surface to the screen

    I'm not stretching everything. I blit everything on an offscreen buffer and then I only perform one scaling : when I put the buffer on the screen.
  2. I think I'm too dumb to develop games =(. Let me explain how I reached this conclusion. I'm trying to develop a game to be displayed on a projector (heck it's hardly a game. just a few animations and sounds). I wanted to use xnabut I had to refrain because XNA requires directx 9 with shaders x.x which the laptop I'm going to use to project may not support. Mh... So I decided to use SDL instead. I learned that applications for projectors should support several resolutions (http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=577808). I looked around and learned that a good way to support multi-resolution is to write everything to a fixed-sized offscreen surface first and later stretching it to the screen by blitting it (http://www.gamedev.net/reference/snippets/features/dx3d2dIndieRes/). I thought I could just use SDL_BlitSurface but I misread the documentation. SDL_BlitSurface won't do any scaling. Mhh... I learned about http://sdl-stretch.sourceforge.net/ but I couldn't get it to run on my machine. Mhhh... I learned about SDL_gfx. It has a stretching blit operation : SDL_gfxBlitRGBA but when I replace BlitSurface with it, it gives my a blank screen. I tried the zoomSurface function which does work but it is too slow to call on each frame : I must be at around one or two fps. Mhhh... So my conclusion is : I can't even get an application to display something in multiple resolutions. I must be too dense to write games. I'm stumped. What I am doing wrong?
  3. I'd like to write a simple game that must run on a video projector. I don't own any projector so I don't know how it works. What are the constraints to run a game on a video projector? I'd guess you just have to launch the game fullscreen. But what about the resolution? What resolutions should my game support? I don't know what exact projector will be used so I need to be able to support any projector in the wild.
  4. Monkeyget

    Trying to reduce memory

    What you see in the task manager under the "Mem Usage" column is the working set. That is, the memory currently allocated IN THE RAM. Note that this value can be higher than what your application actually uses (because windows decided to give more "in case of"). But it can also be lower than what your application actually using! That is the case when a chunk of the application's memory has been removed from the RAM and put in the pagefile. What happens when you minimize an application is that windows will automatically trim the application. It means that windows will put the memory which isn't currently used from the RAM to the pagefile. It looks like some memory has been freed but it hasn't! As soon as the application will need to access the memory 'removed' it will automatically be put back into the RAM. In the task manager you can add a column named 'VM Size'. That column lists the total memory allocated by the application. You can add that column via the "View > Select Columns" menu. Note that when you minimise an application the VM Size doesn't actually change. If you want more information about memory mecanisms you should read this : http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-memusage/
  5. Monkeyget

    New User Interface

    What's the point of the graffity wall other than using valuable screen estate? Couldn't you simply display the icons with transparency? And if you do keep it make sure you don't calculate the 3d scene underneath it, that would be quite a waste :) .
  6. Microsoft is doing terrible mistakes: -The meaning of .NET 3.0 is completely different thant the meaning of the previous .NET (1.0, 2.0, ..). Now it's supposed to be a managed succesor of win32 plus what already is .NET 2.0. -.NET 3.0 won't be shipped with vista meaning that people won't be able to say "well, since i'm targeting vista i can use WinFX without worrying" since it will be released after vista and therefore people might not have it. Therefore the same problem than .NET 2.0 and windows XP will arise : user need to download a big and strange e thing to use my app. By the way has anybody around here tried WinFX? I've heard it seriously kicks win32 ass but is not really ready for prime time use (missing too much stuff.
  7. If you have kick-ass topic in mind why not paste them here? I know you must have some bookmarks don't you?
  8. Care to give a link with more information such as code snippet, compiler, etc... ?
  9. Monkeyget

    seperating Up + Down latency

    Investigating NTP was a really good idea because it address a problem very similar to yours. The answer is : you can only calculate the up time and down time accurately if both clock are perfectly synchronized! Let's show what happens graphically when a packet i sent to the server: C is the client and S is the Server. TC1 is when the client sends the request TS1 is when the server receives the request TS2 is when the server sends the response and TC2 is when the client receives the response There a two measure for the server because we assume there is some kind of work that has to be done in order to be able to send a response. After a message has been sent and received again the client knows all 4 values: TC1, TS1, TS2, TC2. The quirk is that the time between TC and TS is probably not perfectly synchornized. What do the client knows? I have put in green what the client knows accurately and in red what he knows but is not accurate: The total time is known and accurate and the handling time by the server are accurate because they both use only timestamp with the same reference. The time The only information not accurate is the time it took to go and the time it took to come back... and it's exactly what you want to know. There IS a way to compute how much time passed during the sending or receiving of a packet. The only thing that can be done (and there is no alterative) is: time to send the packet = TS1 - TC1 and T time to receive the packet = C2 - TS2. But that information is not accurate because the clock of the client and server is probably not exactly the same... What's the answer to that problem? NONE! The creators of the NTP protocol had exactly the same problem and they didn't find any answer to that because there isn't any. And since those creators are probably far smarter than me, I don't think I could find a magic answer. PS: You probably already know all that but my answer had the purpose to make things clearer...for me! I studied the NTP protocol and used this post to remember the question how-the-hell-that-ntp-thingy-works-again?
  10. Monkeyget

    Chop Shops.

    I prefer the screenshots with this hdr level way more than the previous batch. It was too much now it's sweet.
  11. Monkeyget

    do's and do nots for resumes?

    An interesting article from the perspective of a (computer scientist) interviewer : http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/ResumeRead.html The number one tip i can give you is : don't let the person reading your résumé have any excuse to dump it! It takes less than 10 second to decide weither read it's content or put the résumé in the paper shredder. Nowadays with e-mail it's even easier : just press delete. A LOT of candidate are rejected like that, even if they are awesomely skilled persons. That means no grammar/spelling mistake, no stupid format (a rar file containing a pdf containing a scanned résumé), the document is structured in a way to make it actually readable,... To make your résumé go from bearable to good there is no magic solution but here are other tips: -In the list of previous job NEVER do something like: year : 2001-2002; company : fungamescorp; job : c++/IA 1)It makes you look like a robot. 2)It doesn't say what the project was 3)It doesn't say what you actually did 4)It doesn't say that it's an experience which will help you for the job you are applying for 5)... Instead put the title of the game/software or what it was. Put the different tasks you did. A really interesting to add is what it brought to the company, the other workers,... Add things like : allowed to finish on time, that choice reduced the required the development time of one month, solved a recurring problem, reused by the whole company in the other projects,... If you worked on the IA of a game and it was nominated as one of the best IA by xxx put it in your résumé. -customize the CV to the company and the job you are applying for. Avoid completely unrelated experience unless it enhanced a skill such as leadership. In the list of jobs put the emphasis on the tasks you did that will catch the interest of the reader. -You are not a machine, you are a human. As said in the article i gave a link to : make the reader think of you as a person and not a machine. Put a picture of yourself. -Make it clear who you are and which job you're applying to. Make you name stand out(put it in bold or something) and put the description of the job you are applying for in the title. e.g: "Senior c++ programmer". -Put some colors. I don't mean to make your résumé look like a christmas tree. For example, to prevent having a 100% black and white résumé put the line separating the different sections of the document in read. It's a minor difference but it makes it less bland.
  12. Monkeyget

    creating videos

    Camtasia is a really good tool for that : http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp You can record video of the desktop with sound (microphone). There is a little tool to capture videos easily and you can do some post-processing (put together sessions you recorded). The best thing is that it creates flash presentations you can put on internet and other people can see easily. It supports chapters, comment so it's not just a video but an online presentation tool. The big problem with it is that the demo is limited to 30 days and it cost an awful lot : 300$ or something.
  13. Monkeyget

    French words (if you know French, then this is for you)

    What you are looking for is called "false friend" -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_friend , "faux amis" in french. Here is a list : http://fr.wikibooks.org/wiki/Faux_amis_en_anglais And another one here (gosh it's a big list): http://french.about.com/library/fauxamis/blfauxam_a.htm There is a lot of word listed as false friend in those list (especially the second) but which does not looks like false friend to me. A few good ones : english | the french word it looks(or sound) like -> the meaning of the french word affair | affaire -> a business or a meeting (affair never has the sex/romantic meaning but only the business meaning) sex appeal | sexe a pile -> sex on/with battery procuror | procureur -> attorney preservative | préservatif -> condom barracks | barraque -> a house bless | blesser -> injure camera | camera -> video camera pregnant | prenant -> taking to pass an exam | passer un examen -> to take an exam or | or -> gold mercy | merci -> thank you male | mal -> bad (another meaning : "ca fait mal" means it's hurting) location | location -> renting library | librairie -> a librairie is a bookshop. A library is a "bibliotèque" in french. Notice that a code library(like a dll) is often translated in french with "librairie" which is incorrect and should be bibliotèque inhabited | inhabité -> NOT inhabitated date | date -> only means a date(time), it never means rendez-vous [Edited by - Monkeyget on May 13, 2006 7:05:27 AM]
  14. Quote:Original post by Dave Hey bud, first of all, why do you want the this of the contained class? Dave It may be useful. You create another class AND it can access all the private methods of the outer class. There is a nice and fun article explaining the what's and why's of inner classes here : http://www.javaranch.com/campfire/StoryInner.jsp I especially like the end of the article ;)
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