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  1. the guys a friend of a friend [Edited by - bikola_p on October 26, 2008 6:32:34 AM]
  2. I have the following code that reads/writes a hole structure from/to a file. For some reason the application crashes when the program reads the data. Anyone knows why? I pasted the code on sendmecode http://sendmecode.com/?page=view&id=1215085062
  3. bikola_p

    My Streaming Media

    hey guys, i have a question... I basically have an AVI file i want to broadcast to 4 computers. Now im using winsock and TCP protocol, to send the avi file... Now i want the 4 PC's to just stream the content rather then download to the hard drive. I've been told "use directShow". With DirectShow do i just basically specifiy the IP of the server, and offcourse a few other things OR, should i use something apart from DirectShow.?
  4. So wait, your saying not only do i need to specify in windows classpath, but also for the IDE. BTW thanks heaps for the reply.
  5. hey guys, im new to java, im doing some JSP, i have everything configured, ie, i can run sample jsp pages, using tomcat server, and its all good there. Now when it comes to me having to write my own JSP code, im stuck... i have to import javax.servlet*; however, i get the error, that this class / package doesnt exist. I looked over the net, and found J2EE is needed, and carries the needed package / classes, what do i do from here. And do i have to set the classpath again, and to what directory...
  6. bikola_p

    winsock wonders

    Ok, thanks heaps guys. Just one last question, say im listening on one port, and all clients are connecting and sending data through at the same time. What happens... Or do i have to ensure that data is sent from one client at a time.
  7. hey guys, just wondering, if i was to use winsock to enable 3 computers to transfer files to a central computer, and the central computer to transfer back, the 3 seperate files to there corresponding owners (computers), do i have to listen on 3 different ports, or can i have some sort of header attached to determine its location. Im sort of thinking of the best way to implement this in terms of winsock...
  8. bikola_p

    Window users setup via website

    hey guys, was curious to find out if it is possible to be able to create windows user accounts through my website. If it is possible, what language would best suit this... Thanks for the info in advanced.
  9. bikola_p

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    DaddleFish, just give it up. It think its time you let it go, you are outnumbered, your defence is pathetic, and repetative. But more important then that, online sources for this kind of stuff is inaccurate, and anyone can find anything and use it in there defence. Lastly, without going into statistics and numbers, and figures etc. Just look at it like this, has Israel affected the daily routine/pattern of millions of peoples lives, for a lame excuse to go invade a neighbouring country...YES!, has hezbollah done the same for Israel...NO!, infact, correct me if im wrong you are posting this stuff you get from inside Israel. So you have access to luxuries such as a working phone line, electricity, internet connectivity, and you feel so safe in your environment, that you can spend all your time on gamedev, defending israels actions. Nuff said, you lose, Game Over.
  10. bikola_p

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Fraglerock, not you, Iftah.
  11. bikola_p

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    you are a so f'd in the head. You come on and post that shit like you are here to defy all the haters that you guys are being beaten on. Man look at those images, wtf. Are you blind, stupid or blind and stupid.
  12. bikola_p

    Beautiful pictures of China

    thats beautiful, how do they manage to do the step's looking features on the side of the mountains, im guesing its for some sort of agriculture.
  13. bikola_p

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    You dont understand that the suicide bombers arent "religously brainwashed", thats what the media wants you to think. Yes offcourse in religion there are thousands of different opinions on topics, however some cannot be argued about, these things include stuff from the "quran" (islamic holy text), and disagreement towards a single verse in the "quran" is basically a form of disbelief, in Islam. Now on the topic of suicde bombings, it is revealed in the quran: "And do not kill yourselves. Surely, Allaah is Most Merciful to you. And whoever commits that through aggression and injustice, We shall cast him into the Fire, and that is easy for Allaah" - [Soorah an-Nisaa, Aayaat(verse) 29-30] Now all im saying is considering Arabs take a high regard to religion, and put #1 priority in there lifestyles, such a punishable act wouldnt be undertaken. HOWEVER we are humans, and under alot of stress we may do things from Anger, frustration etc. Offcourse Suicide bombing is extreme, i dont at all support it, however you cant just label these guys "religously extreme", because there acts arent acceptable in this religion.
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