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    Sweet stuff, ManTis. Looking forward to helping you beta test it. ;)
  2. hothead

    Is it OK to eat badly if you exercise?

    I lost around 50 lbs last year. Obviously, some foods are better for you than others. Beer, pizza, chips, soday, candy, donuts, cookies, etc... Are some things you would want to save for an "off day." While some people can eat things like that daily and still appear healthy, internally, that will be ticking away at them. Red meat in general has a ton of saturated fat in comparison to fish or poultry. Also, the good fats(omega 3, 6, 9) are things you do want, as they are essential to living healthy. Some common things that have a lot of good fats are: oatmeal, walnuts, almonds, cashews, salmon, tuna. Things like High Fructose Corn Syrup, trans fat(learn to read lables in search of things like "hydrogenated oil" - this is actually classified as trans fat), MSG(monosodium glutamate) are all terrible for you and are man-made things that the human body has a hard time processing. Fast food should be avoided as much as possible... my $0.02
  3. hothead

    LOL URSELF SILLY! ^_^ (pic thread)

    Mikeman, I can assure you that you do *not* want to see them. ;)
  4. hothead


    Damn right, he's a pimp. I taught him everything he knows... In five minutes.
  5. hothead

    So I decided to dye my hair.

    Are you asian? [wink]
  6. hothead

    Why do I rate people?

    Quote:Original post by Drakkcon I tend to rate people up who are helpful and friendly. I tend to rate people down who are unhelpful or unfriendly. It's crazy, I know. Actually, that's not true. Sometimes I rate people up for the hell of it though. I also rate people up who rate me up, 'cause they're obviously friendly [grin]. Oh, and I rate people down who rag on people for their opinions in the lounge. For instance, this site is heavily liberal, and even though I'm not really that conservative I'll rate conservatives who are being unfairly railed on back up. We're talking about ad hominim here, not just being defeated in a debate. I rate people up who make cool things. I don't hold a grudge, I have rated people down, and then noticed that they were cool, forgotten why I rated them down, and rated them up again. I rate people up who help me out. I rate people up who like Chrono Trigger, Mystical Ninja, Jagged Alliance 2, and some other stuff. The rating++ is directly proportional to the obscurity. (EDIT: Free rating point to anyone who can tell me the name of my avatar.) ... I feel dumb for putting so much thought into something so meaningless. His name is Cory from Mystical Ninja Goemon, iirc. I rate people up for helpfulness, mostly, i don't rate people down much.
  7. hothead

    Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest

    Saw it a couple days ago, and, man, was it was awesome.
  8. hothead

    It's alive!!!

    I like peanuts.
  9. hothead

    [4e5]Discuss: Europe

    Can it be placed in a Marsh, or some place similar, if we, like said before, use European stereotypes, or places in Europe?
  10. hothead

    [4E5] Roll call!

    I'm in.
  11. hothead

    Im so popular

    You, sir, have defiled Gamedev with Myspace. Go sit in the corner and think about what you did.
  12. hothead


    Heh, at first I thought it was a botched screenie, then you explained it was early morning in this screenshot. Looks good. [smile]
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