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  1. hothead


    Sweet stuff, ManTis. Looking forward to helping you beta test it. ;)
  2. hothead


    Damn right, he's a pimp. I taught him everything he knows... In five minutes.
  3. hothead

    So I decided to dye my hair.

    Are you asian? [wink]
  4. hothead

    It's alive!!!

    I like peanuts.
  5. hothead

    Im so popular

    You, sir, have defiled Gamedev with Myspace. Go sit in the corner and think about what you did.
  6. hothead


    Heh, at first I thought it was a botched screenie, then you explained it was early morning in this screenshot. Looks good. [smile]
  7. hothead

    Fun in the sun.

    [lol] "EDI Games Presents... Morning's Wrath 2: Beach Party" Awesome, keep it up!
  8. hothead


    Dammit, man! How do you keep your room so clean?!
  9. hothead


    What the heck? I thought average was 10", guess that's just me... In all seriousness, yeah, I hear 6" is the average, and I also hear from most females that they don't care about size, don't sweat it, dude. [smile]
  10. hothead

    My current project, among other things

    Link, keep it up, man!
  11. hothead

    Brand new journal!

    Welcome to your journal, Link! Rate++.
  12. Finally, the sound track is for the people!
  13. hothead


    Good luck! Go big or don't go at all, I always say. [smile]
  14. hothead

    Run Stompy run!

    In Soviet Russia, game code YOU.
  15. hothead

    As Promised

    EDI: Cool shades! ShoeStringGames: Nice suit! Now, get back to coding. P.S: Watch out, EDI looks like he's kind of hungry in that pic.
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