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  1. you'd be surprised at how complex a "simple" text adventure can get, especially if you want to implement a reasonably good parser, if you want to move around rooms, pick up and drop items, its relatively simple, when you add use x with y, check if x is with character or in room, check if y is with character or with room, is the item fixed of free, does it make a new final item or another item that can again be combined, does it generate a new exit...
  2. will give both a look over, just played around a bit with gam maker, looks good. thanks.
  3. niceone and thanks for the reply..
  4. probably been asked a million times but I cant find it :/ Anyhow, Im looking for a decent 2d engine, I would like to throw together a simple platformer or shmup, im more and artist and less a programmer so something thats relatively light on code, or if anyones looking for some 2d art for a simple shooter etc?? thanks.
  5. thanks for the quick response, would have been nice to try the full version before coughing up but at $100 you have a good point.... -Gordon
  6. hi, Not sure if this is the correct forum, does anyone know if the torque engine is available to play with without actually buying the full licence? i.e. a sort of free trial 30 day or likes version???? I looked at the demo but it's pants, cant do much at all with it!!!. Thanks, Gordon
  7. another good resource: http://www.zarria.net/
  8. max or maya are a good point to start with, theres tons of tutorials, forums and literature around to help you progress, they are also industry standard within the game dev world. best of luck
  9. hi, quick note: Maya, max & any other free learning additions will not export in std formats i.e. .obj, .x and renders are usually watermarked. A good recommendation is to search the shelves of your local newsagent for 3d mags, these usually come bundled with a coverdisk featuring old rev 3d apps, I recently picked up a magazine with an old version of caligari featured (usually $400+), Ive heard of apps like milkshape (never used) but I think these are also free? Check the coverdisks, my recommendation. Hope this helps a bit.....
  10. after effects is good for both...........
  11. uhmmm normal mapping is actually an advanced form of bump mapping ;) oops didnt see that last post...
  12. if you just attached the texture to the model without un wrapping the UV's then thats you problem, if this is double dutch then you need to look for texturing tutorials, specifically UV mapping/unwrapping. cheers.
  13. hi, Most modern ATI & NVIDIA cards will run maya, ckeck out alias's website for a list of qualified cards, that way you will be sure its good. You can show off your work from Maya PLE but you are not permitted to use it for commercial use (anyhow why would ye, its got that horrible watermark!!) Maya & 3DS max are the gaming industry stds but I do here of studios using Houdini & lightwave for game models. All this software is very expensive, if your looking for a cheap app then true space, caligari are worth investigating though these are not as advanced as Maya or max. hope this helps.....
  14. Maya is not optimised for any specific processor, I bought the 64 2800+ because it was pitched by AMD as a 3ghz equivelant (maybe but not at intensive math computation i.e. software rendering), didnt say that Intel was better/faster in general due to this, I think if I was buying a new system I would look at forum threads like this and take each users own bench marks i.e. if I was looking to buy a system for 3d rendering then the P4 would be my choice simply because a few folks (as well as myself) here have each stated it does the job better. cheers, Gordon
  15. I run Maya6 on an Intel P4 3GHz with the 810 chipset and also an AMD athlon64 2800, the intel system beats the the AMD easily in render times. This is my benchmark.. Oh and if I open another program during render on the AMD it bombs, the intel system will happily run I-tunes & maya (during render)albeit slowly!. Looking forward to Intels multicore products......