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  1. That game was great. Planning a remake or something? :)
  2. mengha

    opening spr files

    Doesn't Half Life (First one) use .spr?
  3. A screenshot would probably help us see what the problem is. You can host one for free on Image Shack and embed it inside of this thread with >img src="imagepathfromimageshack"< (reverse the gt and lt symbols though).
  4. mengha

    Dynamic Cursors

    There are API calls that let you save a bitmap as an icon/cursor, you can then use that icon in LoadCursor() to load it as the cursor.
  5. Thanks for the replies. :)
  6. Quote:Original post by Mite51 Theres been quite a buzz about this on the GDAlgorithms sourceforge list. Currently its called "swizzled 2D array access (was: Megatexture)" ( Apparently it (MegaTextures) is what Carmack is using on his next game for terrain. I've been skimming over the posts but havent investigated further because of the hardware requirements ( and its a little complex ;). Anyway there is a lot of info there, or you can cross post as there are some sharp folks lurking there. In either case let me know if you actually get something working, if I can see it in action and it amazing I might be inclined to figure it out :P Jason Actually Megatextures (Carmack's ones) don't need the latest hardware to run at a good speed.
  7. I've been meaning to start learning a .Net language for awhile now and half term is coming up so I thought I'd use it to start learning C#. I've got to grips with C++ now so I was wondering how much different is C# from C++? Are there any links explaining the main differences? Since I already have experience in C++ it shouldn't take long to learn the basics of C# (hopefully), how long did it take you? Thanks alot.
  8. mengha

    Making a C++ maze game

    Quote:Original post by Cosmic R I remember learning in the early days of dos game programming it was mandatory that you knew how to access the video buffer, as you usually had to write all your own graphics code. IIRC it was something load loading the AX register with 0x0013 and then calling int 21. thats why VGA 320x200 used to be called mode 13. to access the video memory(for mode 13 anyway) you just wrote directly to 0xA0000000. I used to create a global pointer called screen and point it to the memory location ie: unsigned char *screen = 0xA0000000; I was wondering how to do that the other day but I couldn't remember how. Thanks.
  9. I've been creating some classes for things and now I want to link them all together in a simple engine but I'm unsure what to do with the wndproc. At the moment it is stored in main.cpp after WinMain(), I pass it to the CWindow class (which handles creating a window) in a Setup() function which then stores it in the class and uses it when setting up the WNDCLASS. I have a function in my renderer class called Resize() which is called in the wndproc when the WM_SIZE message is recieved. This gets messy as the wndproc has to know about the renderer etc. So far I have thought of: 1. Passing a function pointer of the resize function to the setup and moving the wndproc into the CWindow class. The wndproc can then use the function pointer to call the function when it receives the WM_SIZE. 2. Creating some sort of system which takes the wndproc messages and gives them to my own message function whcih knows about everything else. What idea sounds better? Or does anyone have a much better idea? How do alot of other engines handle the wndproc? Thanks alot. :)
  10. mengha

    A class containing classes?

    Thanks for the reply :) When declaring other classes inside of my CEngine class how should I declare them? This is something I always get confused about, sometimes I see code where they have it setup to do CWindow.Create() or other times CWindow->Create(). I think the second one is a pointer to the class (correct me if I'm wrong) but why would you delcare it like that?
  11. mengha

    Testing : Dawn Bringer 3D

    Works fine here: WinXP x64 AMD64 3000+ @2.2Ghz 1GB RAM ATI 9800 128MB The FPS was 1184. I take it all of the message boxes after closing the app are debug messages?
  12. At the moment I have these classes with these functions: CWindow - Setup( ); - Create( ); - Show( ); - Kill( ); COpenGL - Init( ); - Resize( ); - Draw( ); - Kill( ); Which allow me to create a window and setup opengl and draw a spinning cube. Is it possible to use these classes in another class? So I could have a CEngine class which would have a function for calling the Setup(), Create(), Show() of CWindow in one go, so in the end I could just go: CEngine myengine; CEngine.Init(); Thanks alot.
  13. Thanks for the reply but I just meant models, I've already looked at texture loaders etc. I think I'm gonig to go with ms3d models for now and then MD2 or something.
  14. I want to try writing a loader for a model format but I'm not sure which. What would be a good format to load as I haven't done this type of things in C++ before.
  15. mengha

    Cross platform input?

    Quote:Original post by Tree Penguin For keyboard input you could use getAsyncKeyState(int key). Thats Windows only though right? -- Are there any articles on designing input system so that everything is independent of plaform?
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