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    2D Isometric pencil drawing?

    Try looking at some books on line drawing and perspective, or any technical drawing books (not the mechanical ones, but the buildings one), typically used by 1st year Architect & interior designer student. I used them before back when I was in college. There were tutorial on how to make isometric drawings in it but I forgot what the book called. ANyway, from what I remember, typically that kind of drawings are made using an angle of 45/45 or 60/30 or 30/60.
  2. CaTZ

    My DevianArt

    I just uploaded a new image in my deviantart. I still feel amateurish. But I hope you guys willing to take a look and give me some critique THANKS http://catzstudio.deviantart.com
  3. CaTZ

    Is to much originality a bad thing?

    Too much originality might alienate players or porspective buyer so bad, that they simply don't want to even learn how to play it. I guess it's all goes down to presentation though. No matter how much orginality your game might have, if you take the player step by step to learn all the game features instead of just bombarding it with all the info the game should be played and controlled after they pressing start. then originality will be enjoyable
  4. CaTZ

    Motivation to play games

    for the non gamers,usually the presentation and graphics that capture their attention first. But I also found certain moments, when they're interested for at least trying it, by seeing how much other people having fun with it For example (this really happe). Me and my brother were playing Donkey Konga together, when my mom&dad sees this, first, they're smiling seeing the way we play it (the graphics of that game isn't so good), then they sit to watch us play a little logner, then came the question 'let us try' :D
  5. If a hardcore gamer design a game, it might turn to be a good game, but it also turn ugly, in term that the game, might probably be too hard for some since the hardcore gamers tend add little gameplay option that make the game more difficult than it should have. Playing many game in the past might give a designer an idea what works and what not. I think we also need to at least try out the bad game and figure out why it doesn't work. Having a life other than games could also lead to a better designers, doing sports, music & political knowledge, culture knowledge, international events, arts, etc etc etc
  6. CaTZ

    Nintendo DS

    Quote:Original post by Pxtl RPG inventories? You can do those already. Fsck that - you underestimate the potential of the DS - the fact is that its the first handheld with a really good _pointing device_. Now, consider all the PC genres that couldn't come to handheld because of the failure of pointing devices - RTS games, 4X strats, FPS games, etc. Unfortunately, the Nintendo people are far out of their league here - most of the starting lineup (except for Metroid demo) I take as evidence that they don't grasp this concept. I expect the DS to be another Virtual Boy, as they said on PA - the games will be GBA, N64, and GC games ported over to handheld with stupid gimmicks tacked on to use the touchscreen. Get all the PC classics on there and I'll sit up and take notice. Lets see X-Com and StarCraft for the damn thing. So, becasue the earlier launch title can't use the DS fullest potential, it'll turn to another Virtual boy? Man, you must've a good grasp in your life (sarcasm)
  7. Zegfrieg, have you ever play an old adventure game called Lure of the Temptress? Their basic system is like yours, but very basic, in that game, no NPC ever stays on one place, they keep moving, and when an event triggers, one of this npc might gossip something to someone that you might overhear once you near them.
  8. I think what RPG genre need is a system with restrictive freedom rather than complete freedom. For example is a game where the 'virtual dungeon master' tell the player what he have to do from the start of the game. Such as, 'you need to find a weapon before you continue foward' in this way, player are free to use any weapon they can find, maybe even a rusty frying pan (as if a frying pan isn't bad enough lol!) I think, and this goes for everything in life, that too much freedom is often doing more bad than good. A restriction will force the player to think creatively just my 2 cent :P
  9. CaTZ

    A game concept: "The Guy"

    I find your design ver yinteresting since you play with actual human physcology, but I also deeply agree with the above poster. Yous game, lacks a definite goal/aim. As a desginer, you have to keep asking "What is the player purpose in this game?" The common mistake (I think) a game designer do, is to create a real complex system which is very interesting to him but fails to remember that it's not the designer who ultimately enjoy the game, it's the player. even in game that you say have no goal such as GTA & Sims, but those game actually have a goal, in GTA, for example, you can try to raise money and get the best car and solve your mission, in the sims, player can build a house, have a great career & family (the sims 2 have more of this goal with all the sims rewad and career reward and thus give player much more thing to do). but what will the player want with you game? what will he do? explore his/her fears (which, in your design, the more they explore to this fears, the more it manifest in their character, and quite possibly, their actual life) a game needs some kind of a goal to reach in order for the player to have interest to play, because from my point of view, there's no reward whatsoever in your game, everything the player do, or will do, will add more fear. Unless you give the player some kind of goal like, curing their fears/phobia by doing stuff, e.a going to the doctor, to the opposite things, this way you can create a some event that base off the player's luck whether they succeded in these event or not.
  10. CaTZ

    Favorite Art Style (In Games)

    do no one like wind waker style? I really like them, doesn alienate both kids and mature
  11. hahah, generalizing anime as crap on anatomy is very harsh since manga & anime artist are also required to know the basic anatomy before exagerating them. Can't say western artist didn't have problem with anatomy (glance at Rob Liefild works :lol:) The problems lies within fans of all these, comic & anime alike, that tend to copy their favorite artist without learning the basic anatomy first
  12. CaTZ

    adventure game design doc?

    try www.allowe.com yes, it's THE allowe personal webpage, he put his design documents there Leisure suit Larry, Freddy Pharkas, & Torin's Passage are among them
  13. CaTZ

    Peripherals affecting Gameplay

    like DDR and the dance mats? Ithink Konami finally learn from that one by including microphone head set with the karaoke game
  14. Joe Mad, Jim Lee, Michael Turnet, Alex Ross are some of the best, not to mention plenty of Manga artist as well check out my site catzstudio.deviantart.com
  15. CaTZ

    Plot or no plot

    yeah, coz advice sounds right, it's like.. the plot from the original super mario bros :lol:
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