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  1. The reason I am asking is that I bought this book called "Windows Forms Programming with C#" and it doesnt say a lot of stuff about C# but goes straight to the forms. Anyway I will look into it.
  2. I should better ask what is the difference between C# and WinForms. Because I got a book about WinForms and it doesnt dwell in C# apart from a small chapter. Does this make WinForms easier than C# or more flexible?
  3. What is the difference between C# and Visual C#? Is Visual C# easier in some way?
  4. 3dguru


    Maybe we should lock the topic not for any other matter but it could get "messy". To any moderator please close the topic.
  5. 3dguru

    UI with OGL.

    I didnt suggest I knew OGL that good.:)Maybe I should delete this post for the better. I could very easily get out of hand.
  6. 3dguru

    UI with OGL.

    Anonymous Poster. Listen you idiot of course I know how to make a 2d ui but i would like to listen to other opinions before I venture to the thing in case someone has already done it and if it worked or not. My friend I was programming before you stopped wearing dipers so I would suggest YOU to change profession since if you give help in that way you are a lost cause. GAMEDEV.NET could really be better with out people like you.
  7. As I said I am interested in UI design with OGL. From where do I start making my own UI with buttons, drop downs etc? Can it be done with C only? [Edited by - 3dguru on November 14, 2004 4:05:17 PM]
  8. 3dguru


    Thank you for the replies I get reassured about my options. Hm, sometimes everyone judge his options.
  9. 3dguru


    I started a MSc this year and we learn OGL even if I knew it. However I am concerned. I realize that OGL 2 has been finalised but I see DX being used more and more. Please I dont have a problem with DX. Anyone that accuses DX because it from MS ONLY then should read again. I just worry whether OGL can compete in the game market anymore. I use OGL and C for my projects. i am satisfied. But DX nad now MDX makes me worry for my decision. My other two questions are: 1) Can we support the idea that OGL is easier to learn than Managed DX? 2) DX has support for UI interface construction does OGL has the same feature? As far as I know it doesnt. Where can I find something like this for OGL?
  10. 3dguru

    UI design and programming.

    That was what I was afraid. How much artistic ability? I am not that great of artist. Will this make my effort more difficult?
  11. 3dguru

    UI design and programming.

    Jwalsh, What do you mean with "Visual Basic is another option...but well...never mind."? It is not that good, fast? Thanks.
  12. Could you give an idea of programming languages and API's that are being used for UI? Can you point me to such a toolkit? Are art skills necessary?
  13. 3dguru

    Level Designer???

    What are the necessary skills to become a level designer, do I need to be art savvy or an architect, apart from the gaming industry where else can a level designer find work?
  14. A month now I am playing with a program called Quest3D. Dont know if you heard it but I downloaded the demo and it is quite powerfull. Anyway I am doing my MSc in Special Effects and I was thinking on maybe using this program for my final project. However, since my final project will play a vital role in my future you think that I am doing the right thing choosing this program?If you havent looked at it then please do so, www.quest3d.com . I mean this thing uses a flowchart way of programming which is nothing more than a wrapper of directx, has lua support, loads of features and for the next version, from what the devs are saying, they will have dx9, shading language while this time the DEMO supports, AI, physics, network etc. I mean this is a loaded weapon. I could go of course with my first choice for my final project which was OGL and Cg but I will lie to you if I told you that Q3D is not good. I really liked the programming way BUT since this is going to play a vital role for future jobs I am thinking that by saying that I know only Q3D, Lua and HLSL what jobs could I get? Any opinions?
  15. 3dguru

    User interface again...

    Ok thanks for the help.
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