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  1. I personally no longer would spend Time with Java Swing. I was a Pro and used in Projects but, its simply out-of-date. You have to worry about stuff which should be provided by Swing. There are so many missing features. And the architecture is sometimes quite complicated so that you are not sure, if you misunderstood the MVC concept or if it is simply a problem of the API.
  2. kudi

    Is using a debugger lazy?

    Lazy is the wrong word. Of course, if you do not know where the failure is, then start debug. If you try to find out how a complex program works, debug. However, if you iteratively try to code using a debugger, then it is the wrong way. Say, do not trial and error using a debugger until a code works. Think about it, end to find the mistakes use the debugger. However often the people write a line, start the debugger and look where the next null pointer exception is, write another line, etc.. So either he really is not up to date, or you misunderstood, or he could not express what he meant.
  3. kudi

    Help, teaching 12-13 year olds to code

    Take care! OOP is dangerous since it is actually a concept for lazy programmers without a future oriented view. It is not realistic. In most cases reusability, the most important criteria in software development, is messed up. So after a somehow logical design, the code is misused often to suit to reusability, which brakes the OOP paradigms. Interfaces are important, OOP not. I programmed C++ and C a long time ago. Now Java. I never use inheritance in big commercial projects, and had success with this. After several years of programming and 5 years of studies, I realized that some people introduced OOP and nobody really asked, if this makes sense. The answer is, it is not reasonable!
  4. kudi

    What *is* game programming?

    game programming is the following: graphics programming GPU programming usage of libraries manage large structures to be drawn efficiently using algorithms networking fast huge amount of players efficient servers physics usage of libraries do it (or parts of it) on your own artificial intelligence heuristics machine learning pathfinding game logic scripting of events game rules input devices for example interpret the touch events on iphone game controller game menus level management load / save make game / levels upgradable (plugins) integrate social networks sound (do not know details) possible write a game editor, where you can build your levels security in the case of networking ... all this can be covered by a game engine. you an do a game without programming. or you can do a lot without programming, and just write some scripts to extends the functionality of the game engine. then you have to program only a bit, but still understand a lot. and a lot more... important: game programming is normal programming. but, it needs some understanding, on how you do certain things best for games. so the code at the end is normal programming. but how to do it, is important!
  5. kudi

    Integrating Vector Data - Roads

    just one question about the 3cm... this elevation, is it in the heighmap? or are these seperate vectors representing the street?
  6. I would choose the second version. Because it does not make sence, that the paddle even knows that it can be rendered. Look at the MVC (model view controller) principle. The paddle is in the model. The graphics is in the view. The view draws what is in the model. So the graphics draw the paddle.
  7. kudi

    Realtime raytracing

    I have not ever written one, but i would say the big problem will be a good data structure, like a kd-tree. And if the scene is dynamic, it is not so easy.
  8. Quote:Original post by clouds Check here lots of screens: http://www.vanguardsoh.com/screenshots.php I am really interested about outdoor engine, looks very good. TIA. I would not say that the terrain looks so impressive. Already Motocross Madness 1 hat really good terrain graphics...
  9. Quote:Original post by Barn Door Hi, I've been playing Doom 3 and it occurrs to me that graphics aren't fundametally different than they were in the mid 90s. So what has changed? - More polygons - Higher resolution textures - Real time lighting and shadows - Bump mapping Is there anything else? Cheers, BD When you look at your answers, you could think that almost nothing has changed. But the visual appearance has a lot to do with animation and physics. So often realism (in dynamic scenes) can be reached with good physics and reasonable animations, so the graphics seem automatically better...
  10. I played the second part... I liked it to build my town and put the pathes so that my production has no congestions. And i liked it just to look at my settlers working. But i did not like the battles. It is depressing to see your buildings burning after two hours of planning... I think games like simcity, the settlers, rollercoaster tycoon look better in 2d. perhaps it is because i grew up with that...
  11. kudi

    Terrain Rendering Techinques

    it has high polygon count, what i think is the most difficult part in terrain rendering: http://www.cognigraph.com/ROAM_homepage/ROAM2/roam40postcard.html actually i dont know if it is still impressive, it is not new, but todays demos often dont run anymore on my laptop, but have lower qulity as i can see on movies. ok, perhaps clipmaps could be a better solution.
  12. kudi

    Terrain Rendering Techinques

    i think you cannot compare quadtrees with roam. i mean quadtrees is a data structure, roam is more than just a binary tree. roam is also the technique where you work with a split and a merge queue. you can also do roam with a quadtree instead of a binary tree. roam 2.0 even makes use of a quadtree i think. in my opinion roam 2.0 is still the best technique if you are a good programmer, but it is really not simple to implement if you want to try it out yourself and not just copy and paste. often it is said that roam is too cpu intensive, i do not think so, because it can also be used with patches like in geomipmapping. one advantage is that you do not have to worry about lod differences between two neighbouring patches, because this cannot happen with roam if you correctly use force splits. the most impressive demonstration i have seen so far was the one of roam 2.0
  13. kudi

    rts game screenshot

    sorry if it sounded too hard. i do not think that i am better, not at all. i am studying informatics and it is really not easy for me. i just wonder why everybody thinks informatics is so an easy business and after some coding you can earn money with it. i mean he could have asked "does it look good for a hobby programmer". but why sell it? has he never seen todays graphics (even todays freeware graphics are much better). (or did i misunderstood the word "sell", i do not speak english)
  14. kudi

    rts game screenshot

    what a question, i would buy it immediately. in your position i would invest 100000$ for advertisment and commercials. then you dont need to make a game, a 3d model on a texture is enough. there is no need for physics, ai, scripting, network coding, storyline... did you really think that anybody would pay for that? or did i misunderstood you?
  15. i am not up to date about licences and all this things. but as i know, linux distributions are also based on open source code and actually you could sell unchanged linux code for 1 million, also if you can download it for free on the internet. if somebody pays for this one million, it is his problem. the same for the book, if somebody buys this book, instead of downloading the book from the internet, he can, but i would not. i am not sure about this stuff with licences.
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