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  1. ok, thanks. I'll take a look into that. PInvoke all the way :) Greetings.
  2. Hi, Is it possible to load an gif or png with alpha channels into a .Net Compact Framework 2 application running on Windows Mobile 5.0. So that if i draw them on a Graphics context the transparency will be correct. I get all white now :s EDIT: i know about the setColorKey method, but this is not ideal, since there are shadows Thanks. [Edited by - Limitz on September 10, 2006 12:26:52 AM]
  3. Just post the complete code, that's the only way to see the program in its context. EDIT: ehh yeah, what he said :)
  4. I think the color scheme is quite alright. Maybe ony use some design to bind the whole together. This can be as simple as making some light solid 1px borders or some simple interconnecting lines. If you do the menu (black on white) in photoshop for instance, you can anti-alias your text, this will make it somewhat less harsh and a little more slick. Greetings, Eddy - Limitz www.limitz.nl
  5. Limitz

    php,javascript what not

    Quote:Original post by firewall1 hmm python? are you able to make an online web game with it? If you mean, 'run' it in a browser window: no. If you mean, run it locally and have it communicate with a server: yes. For browser based: you will need something like a java applet, Flash, shockwave... I did hear some good things about Ajax, but i didn't have the time to look into it yet. Just out of interest: is it supported on out of the box webservers (via Apache ie. like PHP) or does the provider have to set this up? And is it able to, as the poster wanted, animate a character without refreshing? Is it supported by the major part of browsers, is it a http standard? :) Someone on this forum made his 3d engine in javascript, so javascript is an option for 2d rpg as well, but i doubt that it will work for multiplayer (if you were planning to), and it won't be as fast as an applet or something. Greetings.
  6. Limitz

    link error + COLLADA

    Quote:Original post by okonomiyaki Just something to think about, because the COLLADA DOM is quite large and has quite a few dependencies - I found it much easier to read through the COLLADA files myself with my own XML parser and interpret it as I need. The most complex thing you have to do is resolve the URI links, but that's really not that difficult. Yes, that is certainly the way i want to do it in the future. But i'm just making a demo, so for now i try to spend as little time as possible reinventing the wheel. I am making wrapper libs which can easily be swapped with my own version, as soon as i write one. But thanks :) Greetings.
  7. Limitz

    link error + COLLADA

    Quote:Original post by Excors When linking with lots of static .lib files, I've found VS2005's "Use Library Dependency Inputs" to be extremely useful, cutting the link time from minutes down to seconds. As far as I can tell, it just adds all the original .obj files (as used when creating the .libs) onto the linker command line, so the same could be fairly simple through other IDEs. But that option wasn't in VS2003's IDE, so I don't know if the corresponding compiler version supports it. That sounds really interesting, i've got 2005 compiler as well, so i will give that try then, thanks.
  8. Limitz

    link error + COLLADA

    Quote:Original post by Emmanuel Deloget Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster 4 words is all that is necessary for such a noobish question. Is this answer really useful ? No. If the first AP plans to stay dumb for the rest of his life, that's his problem. He dones't have to bother us with his bitchy attitude. That would be helpful. Limitz, your problem is indeed due to static linking. It seems that the COLLADA library you are using has been compiled using different settings than your code. To correct the problem, you have 2 solutions: * either find the correct seetings (maybe they are documented somewhere - such a problem should have been noticed by someone else before, and the reaquired change in the configuration may be already documented somewhere). * or, if you can't, I'm affraid you'll have to resort to dynamic linking. Of course, there is a simpler solution if you have the source code of the conflicting library: just recompile it using the exact same project options that your project is currently using. Regards, Do you mean the problem is that one of the libs uses LIBC and the other uses the MVSCRT? Or what settings are you talking about? I did recompile Collada lib from scratch (before i even posted), so i think the problem is in either libxml2, iconv or zlib. I will try to recompile these as well. Otherwise i will make my own 'wrapper dll' for the whole, that should speed it up too. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Limitz

    link error + COLLADA

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Don't statically link. This post is not helpfull at all. If you don't plan to use more than 4 words and don't give any context or argumentation for your flawed statement, please don't post at all. The fact that statically linking is the source of the problem, doesn't mean that "not statically linking" is a solution.
  10. Limitz

    php,javascript what not

    Quote:Original post by firewall1 somewhat of an rpg nothing big also ive been looking on good for a free ide which lets you see what your code does in a program,not on the web because i havnt gotten the hosting or domain yet..im sorry if im sounding like a noob but im only learning the first things about php later im learning mysql sometime next semester or so. and semi_dynamic i knew i would have to use javascript to make dynamic pages but how dynamic ,i really hate that refresh every step thing php does,will it make it let me say move my character constantly without refreshing? Well no, most unlikely. It is possible to leave php script open, but the only thing it will be able to do will be outputting text to the browser (essentially). PHP is usually used in combination with a java applet, to store data in a database. My suggestion would be: Python!. It has all kinds of extensions, even game / graphical / networking /database related. It is free and it is just great. Greetings.
  11. Limitz

    link error + COLLADA

    Hey, Great, that seems to work. I had to find the right compiler option for it, since i work with CodeBlocks, but i used Visual Studio to do what you suggested, and saw that the commandline for that ignore should be: /NODEFAULTLIB:msvcrt.lib,libc.lib I compiles, at last :) however it takes a staggering 50 seconds to compile (is this normal???) this is the source i compile... it is minimal. EDIT: correction, it takes 50 seconds to link EDIT2: hmmm, probably is just the shear number of libs in needs to compile against. never mind #define VERSION 2 #define USE_LIBXMLPLUGIN 0 // System includes #include <stdio.h> #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> // Collada API includes #include "dae.h" #include "dom/domCOLLADA.h" #include "dom/domConstants.h" #include "dom/domFx_include_common.h" #if USE_LIBXMLPLUGIN #include "modules/daeLIBXMLPlugin.h" #include "modules/daeLIBXMLResolver.h" #endif using namespace std; int main() { DAE *input = new DAE; return 0; } Anyway, thanks a lot for the hint.
  12. Limitz

    Help Me Name My Cat

    queue<T> (or: cutie) You don't want SF you say, but the cat would make an excellent Leeloo. Greetings.
  13. Hey guys, I got a problem that i never encountered before, maybe you can help me deal with this one. I just got the Collada DOM lib to use in my game engine. It uses libxml2, iconv and zlib. When i link against these libraries however (using MS VS 2003 compiler + codeblocks) i get a number of errors, since some of the libs is linking against LIBC.LIB and the default lib is MSVCRT.lib. MSVCRT.lib(MSVCR71.dll) : error LNK2005: _strncmp already defined in LIBC.lib(strncmp.obj) is one of them, you get the drift. What should i do??? I would like to get everything compiled with /MD if possible. Thanks in advance + Greetings, Eddy - Limitz
  14. Limitz

    php,javascript what not

    It depends on the kind of game you want to make. I wouldn't expect great gameplay from a php game, since once the page has been generated it is static (you'll have to generate javascript or something to make it semi_dynamic). What kind of game are you planning to make?
  15. Just to make sure, did you disable the standard windows firewall, in your security center. It is on by default... Greetings.
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