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  1. i'll trade it for a laptop. the laptop must have at least 64mb of ram, and at least 20gb hard drive. processor cant be lower than 600mhz. any one?
  2. what about the 8x NEC double layer dvd+-rw drive?
  3. look at the 256kb cache here,
  4. the software is not for sale either, it's just included on the pc, i am not actually selling the software
  5. possibly 250, no lower
  6. I need at leat $280, no less, lol sorry for posting this here, dont know any free auction sites
  7. And apparently you dont know that you can add a PCI based board to it, do you?
  8. Read This: Click To See It Bigger
  9. Hi. I have a Compaq Presario SR1123WM. I am looking to sell it, and was wondering exactly where I can sell it. It has a lot of software installed on it. Here's the specs: Compaq Presario 17" flat screen monitor Intel Celeron D Processor 330 2.66 GHz 256 MB DDR SDRAM Built-in (DVD+RW/CD-RW) 80 GB hard drive 9-in-1 memory card reader Integrated 10/100Base-T networking interface Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics with up to 64 MB shared video memory High speed V.92 56K flex modem Presario USB powered analog speakers Compaq keyboard, scroller mouse Available Slots: 2 PCI Available External Ports: 5 USB 2.0; one serial; one parallel Available Bays: one 5.25" It has Windows XP Home installed, and Windows XP Professional, yeah, its a dual boot. It also has Linux Red Hat 8.0 installed. I am also installing Dev-C++, a bunch of 3D modeling software, etc... Can anyone help me out here? The asking price is: $475 + Shipping Thats over a hundred dollars in savings there, of course, its used and dosent have the instructions or original box... Note it varies from the picture above, as this is a newer picture from a website carrying a newer model.
  10. Removed, as stated above. [Edited by - darkandevil on November 8, 2004 5:16:07 PM]
  11. Thanks for the help. These are just my rough drafts, and the main characters, etc, will not be the same in my game, as they will be chosen, like the beginning of Morrowind. Anyway, look later for my second/<bold>revised</bold> version.
  12. Hey everyone, does anyone remember that old post here a while ago, Click Here Well, that was me. And just so you know I have planned the complete game, and have taken your consideration of using C++, and of course, asking people to help.
  13. I want to make games with Mac OS X. Well, actually I just want to use Maya on Mac, for the stability. Can I install Mac OS X on a regular PC, like an HP?
  14. Removed for personal problems... [Edited by - darkandevil on November 8, 2004 5:16:38 PM]
  15. Does anyone know any good websites to get textures? I have been using the limited supply of textures from Bryce 4 with my rendering and there beginning to get old. I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites with Morrowind like textures. Please dont say google-> because, that dosent help me....