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    RIP Robin 'uavfun' Stanton

    man...I just got to know about this on irc. I didn't know him too well but I had seen and interacted with him on irc a lot of times. its a real sad news..may his soul rest in eternal peace
  2. Thanks a lot guys. Most reviews I read suggest that its a good book. Some of the reviews say its not good for complete beginners, but since I am not one, I will be fine. I can't buy online for now, so amazon won't be helpful. But I will go and buy this from the book store today. Thanks again guys.
  3. Is the book, Object Oriented Programming in C++ by Robert Lafore good? Not many books are available where I live. Just want to check with you guys if the books is alright and doesn't teach any "wrong" stuff. I am not a complete c++ newbie, just rusty and looking to brush up my c++ skills and also wanted a book for reference.
  4. hanifv

    3 choices

    Hey, I started with game programming a couple of years ago. I did some basic directx stuff. People suggested that I should work on 2D first, so i went back, learnt some basic SDL and made a simple pong clone in SDL and C-plus-plus. I am comfortable with C-plus-plus. Some months back, i grabbed a copy of "Wordware - Introduction To 3D Game Programming With Directx 9.0" by Frank Luna. Now i have knowledge of basic directx stuff like, color, lighting, texturing, basic meshes etc. (didnt read shaders as my graphic card doesnt support it :( ). I have also been using articles & tutorials on the web and the SDK documentation. Now I have decided on doing a small game. Its a simple 3D board game. The players have to move 'beads' (drag & drop) on the game board. Two players play at a time and there is a set of rules. I have a design document for this game ready. Now the question is.... -> Should I make this game from scratch ? If yes, is the basic directx knowledge that I have enough to make this game ? What more stuff do i need to know before I can proceed ? What should my game structure be like ? I some how still dont feel confident. ->Or Should I use an existing game engine ? If yes, which one ? I have heard good things about Ogre and Irrlicht. I know that the choice of an engine depends upon the type of game one wants to make, so which engine will you guys recommend me for my game ? ->Or Should I go back and do more 2D stuff ? The sole purpose of this game is to learn. Please note that I am not only a hobbyist game programmer, but I aim to get into the gaming industry. So the choice that i make should also help me in the long run. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  5. hanifv

    my physics engine!

    Impressive !
  6. hanifv

    Starting Game AI

    Hey, I am beginner game programmer with basic knowledge of DirectX and C-Plus Plus. I would like to learn Game AI. I wanted to know which is the best book that can help me learn it. Money isnt a problem. I have heard good things about "Programming Game AI by Example", but is it the best ? I have a college project. I thought about making something using AI, so that i can learn it too. I would like it to be graphically attractive. So i was thinking of making a graphical AI demo. One idea currently in my mind is demonstrating flocking using a 3D aquarium with animated fishes. Can i do this in 1 month's time ? Please forward me to any resources that can help me in my project. Any other suggestions for the project also welcome
  7. hanifv

    What is your favorite antivirus program?

    Quote:I've heard things like that said many times, but I have yet to hear even one person qualify it with real figures and examples. Did you come to that conclusion yourself, or did you hear it from someone else? I've been using NAV for a hell of a long time, and it seems to me general opinion has turned against in the last 5 years or so, with no real basis. I haven't seen some massive slide in quality of NAV over the last few years, and IMO it remains one of the best virus scanners out there. Can you give me an actual basis for your rather strong claims? My personal experiences say Norton is crap. 1) compare its memory usage to NOD32 2) It created a conflict with some file not letting any adobe products like photoshop to work 3) it created a conflict with my printer's drivers I have many such examples. I also have seen many instances where a virus was not cleaned by Norton, but easily done by Nod32 or pc-cillin.
  8. hanifv

    What is your favorite antivirus program?

    I have used more than 7 antivirus programs. Here is what i think about some of them: Norton - Absolute crap. Hogs memory, creates a lot of conflicts, updating system suck AVG - One of the best free ones out there Panda: Good enough but heavy on memory PC-Cillin: I would grade this second best The best one out there according to me is NOD32. Its light on resources, updating is easy, and it does it job really well.
  9. hanifv

    My Terrain Generator. (screen & video)

    Screenies look very nice
  10. hanifv

    SDL + windows

    Thanks u guys @SpiegelEiXXL I read that topic before posting here, but i dont think so it helped me clear my confusions. Is Win32 API a viable option to use here? What about MFC ? i have heard MFC is crap. is that true ?
  11. hanifv

    SDL + windows

    I completed a pong game in SDL. I was thinking of making a tetris clone as my next project. I went through the post "Tetris In An Hour". I am going to use VC++ and SDL. What i have decided is to have a maximized window(not fullscreen). The window will have menus(File, Options, Help etc) and the game will be rendered in this window ( like those games which come with windows, solitiare, minesweeper, etc ). I plan to have other windows like, a high score window, an options window, a About window, etc. As i said that i will be using SDL for the rendering. But my question is what are my best options for making those windows ? I have heard wxWidgets is good, but how tough is it ? and can i render stuff using SDL in a wxWidget window ? what other options do i have ? Any tutorials or suggestions are most welcome
  12. sounds pretty interesting. When can we have a look at it ?
  13. hanifv

    Check Out My First Game

    Thanks guys, Thanks ursus, i really worked hard on making my A.I efficient and different Kazgoroth , thanks for all that info :)
  14. Hey, The "department manager" thing sounds interesting. Can you pls tell me more about it. Please outline what exactly he has to do, and approx how much money can he make
  15. hanifv

    Check Out My First Game

    Thanks Scott But the 2 people that reported the problem, said that it happened every time they played the game. Every single time. Their system specs were also fast enough. I will look into the time stamp's advice that gave me.
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