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  1. Note that this is only true if your heuristic function is admissible.
  2. Mussi

    The One Sound All Games Need and How To Use It

    Thank you for the detailed response, very interesting points to experiment with!
  3. Mussi

    The One Sound All Games Need and How To Use It

    Turns out my office environment was just too loud, at home with my headset on I can clearly hear the sounds. Thank you for the elaborate answer! I have next to no experience in dealing with sound so this all new and interesting for me. I've worked with multiple, depending on the project (Unity, Unreal, Tombstone). Are there engine specific tools that you'd recommend diving into?
  4. Absolutely love this kind of stuff, thank you for sharing!
  5. Mussi

    The One Sound All Games Need and How To Use It

    Interesting read, I didn't know such a thing existed. I tried looking for some examples of noise prints/room tones, but they didn't seem audible at all. Even at max volume, maybe it's supposed to be that way? Does it only work in combination with other sounds? Could be that my office environment is just too loud.
  6. Mussi

    Celebrating 20 Years of GameDev.net

    Thank you, all of you, for this awesome community! Feels strange that I've been there for almost every step of the way, what a journey it has been. Long may she reign!
  7. Mussi

    The V-aRms Race Has Begun: VIVE Drops Price $200

    Ah drops price by 200$, for second there I thought they dropped it to 200$ :P.
  8. Mussi

    Opening Up Advertising to the Community

    You should add this to the list of benefits on the subscription page.
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