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  1. GotenRulezU

    missing main?

    I had this problem before. Your compiler is by default compiling as a console application. Click file->new->windows32project then create a new c++ file inside of it and then it should compile ok. -Goten
  2. GotenRulezU

    OOP = Object Obsessive Programming

    Yeah if you did everything completely oop it would be a major pain in the ass. Then you would be in java heaven lol -Cory
  3. GotenRulezU

    Awesome news(i think)

    its only 8-10 dollars per hour but i make 9.50 an hour anyways and its doing something i hate. -Cory
  4. GotenRulezU

    Awesome news(i think)

    I am taking a COP1002 Introduction to Programming Logic and I have talked with the instructor. He says he wants me to be active on the forums and help students and whatnot. Then a week later I get a call from him he tells me the head of the CS department wants me to be an assitant teacher for the CGS 1570 class and every subsequent CS/programming class that I take therafter. Is this an awesome opportunity or what? -Cory
  5. GotenRulezU

    Quick question.

    The professor in my structured programming and algorithm design class has asked me to help him teach the rest of the students. I told him I would. Should I include him as a reference in a resume? Thanks, Cory
  6. GotenRulezU

    Help with drawing code.

    heh you nailed it thats what i was trying to say just in my own funky talk lmao. also I know how to draw a bitmap using BitBlt but how do I draw only a portion of a bitmap? Like beginning to viewport or however you described it? thx, -Cory
  7. GotenRulezU

    Help with drawing code.

  8. GotenRulezU

    Help with drawing code.

    Ok i'm working on teaching myself the basics of creating sidescrollers. The first thing i'm working on is learning to scroll lol. I have a problem though I've never worked with drawing 2 clipped bitmaps to the screen instead of 1. How is this accomplished? Also my idea for scrolling is load all the bitmaps into a vector then display from 2 bitmaps as though they were one. my idea is if(playerx == 50){px = 0; currentscreen1++; currentscreen2++; } // note each screen 50px just as an example will probably be like 500 or so drawscreen1 from px - 25 to px and drawscreen2 from px + 1 to 50 - px; can someone explain to me how i would accomplish this? thx, -Cory
  9. GotenRulezU

    Question about drawing triangles.

    what if the list were sorted? -Cory
  10. GotenRulezU

    Question about drawing triangles.

    So if I give it the first index it will traverse the entire vector by itself? thx, -Cory
  11. GotenRulezU

    Question about drawing triangles.

    i havent compiled this but wouldnt it fail? HRESULT RenderD3D(){ bgColor = current; if(FAILED(pDevice->Clear(0,NULL,D3DCLEAR_TARGET,bgColor,1.0f,0))){ CatchErrors("Failed to clear!"); return E_FAIL; } pDevice->BeginScene(); if(FAILED(pDevice->DrawPrimitiveUP(D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST,trilist.size()/3,&trilist.at(i),sizeof(tri)))){ CatchErrors("failed to draw"); return E_FAIL; } } pDevice->EndScene(); pDevice->Present(NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL); return S_OK; } [/quote] i think it would say i undeclared identifier. thx for both of your input it is VERY EXTREMELY SUPER HELPFULL. -CORY
  12. GotenRulezU

    Question about seperate files

    iostream is used to output text to the console it only handles char,int,float, (basic types) string is a complex type that can be output by iostream but in order to declare a string you have to #include<string> idk if i'm making sense or not but i tried. i'm not the smartest here i know -Cory
  13. GotenRulezU

    Question about seperate files

    i dont know why your having that problem but please include [ source ] [ /source ](without space) before and after your code or errors otherwise things get MESSY!~ besides that i think since you specified return type of int for all your methods you should return an integer value either that or change them to void. hope i helped a little, -Cory
  14. GotenRulezU

    Question about drawing triangles.

    thx a lot for the help i originally ahd only an add triangle and not the one with 2 verts i changed it cuz i thought d3d was like dat ;) btw my render loop was "bork bork" on accident. this is better correct? for(int i = 0; i < trilist.size(); i+=3) edit: also i forgot to say i named it trilist because i may want to use dots instead of triangles and to draw the dots would be only 1 vertex per draw so i have to keep dots and triangles separate right? thx again, -Cory
  15. GotenRulezU


    is GetTickCount() not good? thx, -Cory
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