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  1. zedzeek

    Games games games

    from what ive seen geometry wars does do anything special WRT glow ie no screen glow etc, ala its just a texture created in a art program that looks like its glowing
  2. zedzeek

    Hints, etc.

    try this for a camera control middle mouse button focuses on whatevers under the cursor, hold middle button + move mouse to rotate around it, mouse wheel zooms right mouse button + movement pans camera relative to the screen. ive tried a lot of methods over the years + this is the best, as it lets u focus on any area practically instantly from any angle quickly it is a far far superior method than the traditional method of treating the camera like a airplane, ie move forward, roll etc
  3. zedzeek

    Jack ONE, ATI ZERO

    Quote:Although, in fairness to ATI/AMD, there is a comment at the top of the shader saying its not intended to be an optimal/production shader and is written for ease of understanding and educational purposes. I'm pretty sure they could still beat me (easily) if they wanted to write an optimal shader! this is correct a lot of the amd / nvidia code is just thrown together to give u an idea of whats possible easily seen by the large number of code warnings etc when u compile the examples, or stuff that is recomputed every frame instead of caching the results. ( this was my impression a couple of years ago perhaps this has improved ) nice going anyways jack
  4. zedzeek

    yay - free Windows Vista for me.

    ive got 280gb + its not enuf ( im gonna grab a new HD soon ) it depends on what u use the computer for heres my main usages A/ i record music check out the song fallen scene on my website ( a 4mb mp3 download but on my harddisk its 1.23GB of wav data ) just for a single 4 minute song! B/ i have many 100s of CDs @ ~50-60MB a CD C/ dvds i normally rent 10 at a time + then record them, so i can watch at my leisure + then return them straigth away ~10GB a dvd
  5. zedzeek

    Fog of War #2

    WRT to the fog (im sure youve thought of this) but with your 512x512 fog alpha texture just render into it when the player enters a new area ( in gl glTexSubImage(..) ) so it will draw the areas the player has been through or else recreate that texture anew each frame or 10 frames by clearing the texture to black + then render the path taken (in grey) and finally the current position in white + use the greyscale texture as a alphablending lookup texture
  6. zedzeek


    good to see youve updated your journal ive missed following it bummer about the birthday, 37, man youre older than me not saying how much i am since im at the age where i prefer not to disclose it (which does give an idea) i hope your motivation holds, i think thats one benifit with age, u tend not to get distracted so easily to further my wisdom?, with this game whats the biggest mistake youve made so far?
  7. zedzeek

    New TFT monitor

    i brought of those a couple of weeks ago my first lcd (cept a brief stint on a laptop ) nice working at 1600x1200 btw i worked out this monitors 100dpi ive one dead pixel in the bottom right corner, dont notice it though what with all the smudge marks, orange juice stains etc ive already covered it with one thing with the lcd u lose the natural AA that a CRT provides
  8. zedzeek


    where do u get your cash from? A/ wealthy parents or B/ inheritence yes im jealous :)
  9. zedzeek

    Ugh more headaches

    what do u need instancing for?
  10. zedzeek


    i dont know if u program stuff but that radeon is only d3d ps2.0 , a nvidia 6600 is ps 3.0 youre prolly aware of this though
  11. zedzeek

    It's coming.. !

    i assume blooming has been added
  12. zedzeek


    thanks for the reply, in the top screenshot the guy is off to the left so i cant see how it works accuratly (but if youre happy with your method then thats all thats important) basically this single issue was the one thats caused the most grief to me in my game, it in fact prompted the huge change from a 3d shooter to an easier to aim 2d shooter zed
  13. zedzeek


    question - aiming with a fps is simple but 3rd person is practically impossible so what solution do u use i assume u cast a ray out from the players gun + place the icon at the first intersection do u also implement autoaim? is it a fast paced game, if so i believe implementing a 3rd person aim is impossible the only method is to do what gears of war is doing (if u look at video u see they are plainly shooting from the camera + not from the player that u control's gun) r u doing it this way?
  14. zedzeek

    To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question

    if youre running winxp then dont bother upgrading from 512->1gb i done that about 6 months ago + it made practically zero difference (even with heaps of programs open or recently used) hopefully they'll fix this with vista
  15. zedzeek


    Quote:Sell your body for medical/scientific research. Pays well I've heard... well in phathoms cases this prolly isnt an option as youre not allowed to drink or take drugs whilst on the medicants (not counting the drugs they supply of course)
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