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  1. But then in the DX9 Help there are some old style shaders for example "Exercise 7: Multi-Texturing with shaders" without the dcl_??? code words.
  2. I'm migrating my engine from DX8 to DX9. I have a effect file parser where I have to parse vertex declarations of vertex shaders. Now I don't understand, how to map the vertex elements into register numbers using the D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 structure. I also haven't any usage hints. How do I do that? Thanks!
  3. Buck Fush

    Vertexshader in Screenspace

    oops, it was the cullmode. I forgot that the y axe's sign is different in 3d and 2d space, so the culling flips.
  4. I'm trying to draw screenquads with the help of a vertexshader 1.1 in Directx8.1. But I don't see anything. Other shaders with transformation matrix work just fine. The culling mode is correct. I stripped most of this from my fixed function code. DWORD dwDecl[] = { D3DVSD_STREAM(0), D3DVSD_REG(0, D3DVSDT_FLOAT3), // position (I've also tried D3DVSDT_FLOAT4) D3DVSD_REG(1, D3DVSDT_FLOAT2), // texture coord D3DVSD_END() }; // shadercode: vs.1.1 mov oPos,v0 mov oT0, v1 That's how I fill the VB: float w=512.0f; // I've also tried 1.0f for w&h float h=512.0f; float *vb from vertexbuffer lock vb[0] = 0.0f; vb[1] = 0.0f; vb[2] = 0.0f; vb[3] = 0.0f; // u,v vb[4] = 0.0f; vb+=5; vb[0] = w; vb[1] = 0.0f; vb[2] = 0.0f; vb[3] = 1.0f; // u,v vb[4] = 0.0f; vb+=5; vb[0] = w; vb[1] = h; vb[2] = 0.0f; vb[3] = 1.0f; // u,v vb[4] = 1.0f; vb+=5; vb[0] = 0.0f; vb[1] = h; vb[2] = 0.0f; vb[3] = 0.0f; // u,v vb[4] = 1.0f; Thankx in advance
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