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  1. [XNA /C# ] Where to start

    hello im currently lost and i need some direction. Im trying to create a small game for fun and mainly For my Son. Since he always want to know what i was doing,i decided to show him by create one with him, he loved the idea. So here i am trying to build a small spaceship Race game. Im not a big programmer, in fact i'm a 2d/3d game artist with a bit of scripting experience, (Maxscript, xml and Blitz3d) But a LOT of good will( and some "pressure" too ). Some my Main Problem is this.-I need a Language and ideally an engine. - do you think its feasable? -do you think i absolutly need a team with me? i may be a bit utopic but i think the effort could bring a lot of fun here. //Here what i'm looking for - Efficient and widely used language. i dont want to spent 4 month finding one help/tutorial. - Good community if possible.I dunno why but i this karma that push me to diying Engine -French help If possible since im from Quebec. Its always better to find tut in your own language. ( i know it may be a bit too much but asking is still free to my knowledge) - i Dont care for latest "next-gen" feature. i dont care about HDR and so on. you'll understand when you'll see the end of this post. I will add screenshot and Vid of what i'm looking for. - Free/open-source Tool/API/Framework etc. //Here what i found -C# sound interesting. -Microsoft XNA look like a good alternative. Seem "easy" enough and a lot of help for newb like me. -Irrlicht engine look helpful too. //Here what my game should look like. kinda -Gameplay wise, Its really simple. Do the track with less time possible. and even that is not necessary. -Input. Up arrow (w): go forward Left arrow (A): turn Left Right Arrow(D)L turn right Thats it. i made one level in 3ds Max. Graphic are mainly inspire by nintendo look ( mario Galaxy) and Little big planet for the childish feel Small Video Take a look at. Still made with 3DS Max viewport. Small preview vid Thank for all you help and/or advice I'm sorry if i make my thread in the wrong section. Moderator feel free to move it to a appropriate section. -D
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