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    Theory to a Good Renderer

    Yeah, another vote here for avoiding Scenegraph-based systems. The whole time I've used them, I've ended up with an almost completely flat hierarchy with little to no benefits over a standard, flat renderlist.
  2. PlayfulPuppy

    Various Alienware models and processors

    Don't forget about the Alienware m11x either, it's a lot cheaper than the rest of the M1Xx for comparable power, although note that it's in a Netbook form factor (Which may or may not be what you're after). Also note that you can get ones with better specs than the one I linked, that was just the first one I found. :P
  3. Quote:Original post by OrangyTang I doubt that Gearbox could just pick up the half-finished mess that was 3DR's Duke and finish it off to a publishable quality in the 6 months they've had - especially considering that it's an entirely alien codebase and toolchain with none of the original artists/programmers/designers around to explain how it all fits together. The full story is that the most recent iteration of 3DR's DNF was actually on schedule for an early 2010 release, it's just that they (Understandably) ran out of money. Many of the developers went to found Triptych, which then continued development (And reportedly 'finished' the PC version), then Gearbox stepped in and did some polish and the 360/PS3 ports. If you'll forgive the horribly written source: Quote: Edit: The screenshots show a lot of open, high-poly environments with nice soft shadows and a variety of materials, which certainly wasn't the Doom3 engine's forte, but the Borderlands/Unreal engine was much more adept at pulling off. And the article mentions some heavy depth-of-field which was another Borderlands trademark. Nope, they're still using the Unreal Tournament engine. Apparently the engine is so heavily modified the only things that actually remain of the original UT are Unrealscript and the editor. The Doom 3 engine was never even considered.
  4. PlayfulPuppy

    Duke Nukem Forever Is Back!

    Quote:Original post by Hypnotron 4)Duke took place in the real world which served as an anchor to keep all the rest of the absurdity in check. Sure things were campy and surreal, but in just the perfect way. You fought on the city streets, in movie theaters, in bathrooms, on the roofs of buildings... but never in some anonymous jungle or dark dungeon or any other personality deprived setting. Y'see, this is what I loved (And still love) about the original Duke. I still don't understand why there are so few (Non-sandbox) games that take place in a modern, urban setting. (Although looking at the leaked DNF footage it's mostly sewers and warehouses. Oh dears).
  5. Just out a curiosity, what's the purpose of squaring something and then immediately getting the square root?
  6. PlayfulPuppy

    Duke Nukem Forever Is Back!

    Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper My prediction: Duke Nukem Forever will eventually be finished The £££ will roll in due to the name and mystique attached to it People discover that the game is another bland shooter and not remotely similar to the older Duke games "Too many cooks spoil the broth" and the game will have lost focus and be a mess Cries of "should have cancelled it years ago" and it flops My prediction: - Gets finished. - Gets amazing sales due to the visibility of the DNF project in the public consciousness and good old word of mouth. - Ends up being quite bland and generic, although not bad. - A sequel gets announced due to the good initial sales, gaming world collectively groans at the announcement. - Developer eventually goes bust, and the project is never picked back up due to a general lack of interest.
  7. PlayfulPuppy

    Duke Nukem Forever Is Back!

    Yeah, given how many people know of DNF, there's a really good chance that it'll still sell like billy-o, troubled development or not. Probably not enough to cover costs all 12 years of development, but probably enough to make a good number of publishers happy. I mean, if you saw it in a store today, wouldn't you be at least a little curious as to whether or not it turned out any good?
  8. Quote:Original post by _fastcall Sleep -- If you don't get enough of this, you'll enter a state of delirium and unable to concentrate on programming games. What good is a game programmer if he can't program games?! Keep in mind that cutting this out is a pretty good optimization. I've been able to duck quites and many owls rock dune since I removed all calls to sleep().
  9. PlayfulPuppy

    I'm afraid of working in the video game industry...

    Quote:Original post by superpig CompetenceConfidence is sexy. Incompetence is not. Seriously, don't confuse the two. Being the worlds greatest mathematician isn't going to woo a girl; the confidence that you get FROM being the worlds greatest mathematician will, though. [Edited by - PlayfulPuppy on August 10, 2010 11:56:51 PM]
  10. PlayfulPuppy

    I'm afraid of working in the video game industry...

    Quote:Original post by Valderman You're going to come off as desperate and creepy, highly unattractive traits, and if you manage to land a significant other despite that (seriously, you won't) Y'know, I've never quite understood why people always say this as if women are somehow better judges of character than everyone else. Ever gone out with a girl that's a clingy psycho? Yeah, most girls you've ever met have similar stories to those, and those clingy psychos don't come from nowhere. Of course, I'm not supporting the 'be creepy' angle here. Just letting the guy know that, no matter what approach you take, it'll work on someone. Although for your own sanity you might as well go with the 'be honest and sincere' option, it's less stress in the long run (Keeping lies straight is a real bitch, and there's always the chance you'll get in 9-iron-to-the-head trouble for it one day). Ultimately, you've just gotta get out there and talk to people. Go and have a couple of drinks at a bar, alcohol does wonders for bringing people out of their shell (Although probably wise to not get lampshade-on-head drunk, unless it's that sort of party). Get some practice in there! Also, one thing that helps you get out a lot more is just never say no to experience. Someone invites you along to something you're not sure of? Go anyway. I have millions of crazy stories from really good nights that I didn't even want to go to originally.
  11. PlayfulPuppy

    Trivial angle calculation

    You'll actually want the cosine, not the sine, since you know the adjacent and the hypotenuse. Also, just use the arc-cosine to get the angle. For simplicity, all you need to do is get the dot product between your two vectors, and pass that into acosf. That should get your angle!
  12. PlayfulPuppy

    FPRPG Story Writing

    So your problem is about how to refer to the player? Classic solutions to this is either giving the player a fixed last name or codename (Such as in Mass Effect or Deus Ex), a title ("Vault Dweller" in Fallout, or the goddamned "Hero of Kvatch (This is truly an honor)" from Oblivion), or have the game be text-based and just refer to the player as whatever name the player put in (Zelda).
  13. PlayfulPuppy

    "learning path" for a beginner?

    Quote:Original post by goku21060 i Personally went with C++, and i personally think its better to understand and to be able to debug things yourself. really it just all depends on your goal and what you want to do after you have learn all this. For example if your goal is to make a intensive game later on down the road then why waste your time learning other langauges when it may not be useful( although its better to have something and not need it then to need it and not have it). Just so you know every language codes are written differently though the difference isn't much but it is there. The problem with C++ is that it's dreadfully complex (Often in a lot of ways it doesn't need to be), so for someone just starting out with programming they've got a double hurdle of both learning the concepts behind programming as well as learning the confusing and increasingly archaic C++ syntax. It's better for new programmers to focus on learning the concepts rather than constantly beating their head against the syntax. (... and I started with C++, too)
  14. PlayfulPuppy

    "learning path" for a beginner?

    Quote:Original post by BierbyteZ Make : -Tetris Clone -Pacman Clone -Mario Clone -Own Idea.... Thats my order im going to do. I heard that Tetris is the best game to start with. I'd say Pong would be the ideal first game. There's really only two rules to worry about -- The bat hitting the ball and the bat missing the ball -- so you can focus your efforts on learning how to get the main loop, input and rendering working.
  15. PlayfulPuppy

    Game developing as a hobby?

    I had that hurdle when I started out, too. I wanted to be an artist, although I couldn't find any programmers to make my dream game, so I learned how to program (Even though I didn't want to). I guess the best thing to do is to get some results reasonably quickly. Maybe take an existing game and try to mod it, and look up anything you don't understand? It's not the most ideal introduction, but maybe it'll give you enough incentive to learn as you go. [edit]: Actually, trying to step back into my 16 year-old mind, that probably wouldn't be the best idea, because the code that you'd have to modify to make a mod might be a little too intense to start with. Try to focus on the basics, variables, functions, flow control (If, for, do/while, etc) and the like, then move into pointers, classes, and other more advanced topics. Focus on one part at a time, learning how they work and then think about how you could use them in a game context. A simple int could store ammo for a weapon, and have a simple function called 'fire()' that subtracts one from that value as long as it's above zero. If it is zero, then just print out that the weapon is empty. Baby steps and all that! [Edited by - PlayfulPuppy on August 5, 2010 3:18:46 AM]
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