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    Why I hate PDF

    IMO being able to read a doc offline is one of the biggest benefits of PDF. Anything that's a real book would IMO be much better in PDF form than web form -- typically more readable and more easily searchable. With a well formatted PDF, with a table of content, it's also typically easier to access sections than on a website. I agree that it's useless for web design, but I've rarely seen it used as such. I usually have a lot more problem with Flash, since people do use it for a lot of web stuff. I usually encounter PDF for reference materials, where I think it's very appropriate (and, as you say, I'd download it and read offline).
  2. Quote:Original post by Mike Bossy I'd rather take a developer that can debug code 50% faster than a developer that can write code 50% faster. Of course, what you'd really want is a developer that writes 50% fewer bugs in the first place. :)
  3. ET3D

    Can't even google it

    Quote:Original post by Evil Steve Sometime I get fed up being helpful and just start to half take the piss. Here's an example of that, although I started being helpful again towards the end... I loved the way you quoted yourself. Very classy, IMO. :)
  4. ET3D

    Still here :-)

    Congrats on the MVP. I guess we'll have to suffer each other for another year :), as I've been reawarded, too. And I got a Wii as a wedding gift. I only unpacked it this morning, and discovered it's an Australian import with an Australian plug. Though I should be able to get it to work with an adaptor.
  5. ET3D


    We used to practice CDD until a few months ago, and now we're somewhere between DBD and the "Decapitated Chicken Process". See here for definitions.
  6. ET3D

    Yay to getting up at 7am on a Sunday

    Can I buy it with MVP bucks? :)
  7. ET3D


    Merry Christmas, Jack. I hate all this PC crap. I don't celebrate Christmas, and I have no problems if others do. I don't mind if they don't celebrate my holidays as long as they don't expect a Christmas present. :) And you'd always insult anyone who doesn't have a holiday this time of year. Most likely Muslims, most years, since their calendar isn't synchronised with the Christian one.
  8. ET3D

    Revised table-of-contents for the book

    That's indeed progress. Editing is a very important part of writing. Having you give it this attention makes me want to read the book. Happy holidays, Jack.
  9. ET3D

    yay - free Windows Vista for me.

    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers Quote:I've been told that the x86 version works better.Really? Any more info on this? I've got an Athlon 64 CPU, so I just assumed that x64 would be better... Like with XP, "better" is a matter of drivers and application compatibility. When it does work, x64 might be faster.
  10. ET3D

    yay - free Windows Vista for me.

    I might still have some of the Vista version DVDs around (though I think I threw most away), but I kept deleting old versions as I downloaded new ones. What I do have extras of is old ATI drivers. But they're much smaller. As for Vista, I only downloaded the x64 version, though I've been told that the x86 version works better. I haven't used it since I installed it, though the release of the December SDK might prompt me to get back to Vista. Though I'd really love a GeForce 8800 to go with that. Iced_Eagle, MSDN includes one Office license for general use. Also, anyone with an MSDN subscription couldn't ask for anything from powertogether.com.
  11. ET3D

    It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiveee

    Congratulations! And nice to see your posts. I've gotten used to check your journal, and I'm disappointed when there's nothing new. :) (Of course, I understand you're busy.)
  12. ET3D

    Which GeForce 8800 do I get...

    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers If you buy a GeForce 8800 now then all you're actually getting is a turbo-charged D3D9 part with some disabled bells and whistles [rolleyes] Only if you're using DX. :) OpenGL extensions expose SM4 functionality even on XP, and then there's CUDA.
  13. ET3D


    On second thought, the Independent Games Summit Expo pass may be an interesting option. It'd get you into the Independent Games Summit (not sure what that is, exactly, but sounds interesting enough) and the expo and parties, for $275.
  14. ET3D


    You should probably start talking to people now to see if you can get into anything at GDC. The actual show prices should be available next month, from what I see from the GDC site. Hmmm, found the prices here. Don't look too promising if you can't find a back door. Unless you're coming just for the expo and to mingle, but that'd be somewhat of a waste.
  15. ET3D


    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers You're probably thinking of Richard. I think you're right. Still, you're a moderator here, and maybe you could get some real coverage, write some articles. Quote:Quote:GDC is a lot more interesting than the MVP Summit. And more fun.Well I had a great time at the summit and thought it was pretty interesting - not sure I believe you that it gets better [smile] Just my opinion. Thing is, at the summit most of the talks are not that interesting. The talks with the DX group tends to be nice, especially when it's constructive to the future of DX, but even in that respect you get a lot of the same stuff at GDC, and even more, in some respects. At GDC there's just so much interesting stuff to hear that there's not chance to hear it all, and I think that's a measure of a good conference. Plus there's the chance to meet people in the industry (gaming and hardware), see the newest products and cool devices, all that kind of stuff. Let's put it that way, if you think that Microsoft products are more exciting than games, then maybe the MVP Summit can be more exciting. :)
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