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    Well, we certainly have no lack of small patches awaiting merge... BTW, since you're using SDL_net anyway, the client can quite easily just forward info to friendly IPs that the server sends it. It's not really all that hard, since the clients would only have to forward actor data and bags to each other. I think if you just provide a server interface to get friendly IPs, somebody will complete this soon. If nobody else does, I'm fairly sure I could.
  2. crusadingknight

    Tomorrow is the update

    @Jesse: Lol. The update radu is referring to is an installer, with one dynamic option (install directory.) Even this was automatically detected. Forget googling, or even RTFM'ing - they just had to hit 'OK'.
  3. crusadingknight


    Unfortunately, no LinuxFormat in Nova Scotia. I'm just subscribed to the newsletter there, so no dice on the page scan.
  4. crusadingknight


    On an Eternal Lands related note: "Reviews - Blender 2.4, Quake 4, Eternal Lands, Cedega 5, KDE 3.5, spreadsheets, books..." Quote from the highlights section of the LinuxFormat website, released January 10th. You're right up there with Quake now.
  5. crusadingknight


    I think LinuxFormat is actually _the_ UK Linux magazine, so you may get more coverage than you're expecting. (Read: They publicize their cover disk contents, etc. on the website, and the website it often linked to by aggregators.)
  6. crusadingknight

    Part V of the EL Post Mortem was published today

    Already beat ;) Uber Zoom Patch
  7. crusadingknight


    I somehow doubt he does... When you know everything, then you have no real sense of discovery, etc.
  8. crusadingknight

    A new update coming

    Percentage-wise, of course. :P
  9. crusadingknight

    Macroing and me

    Actually, it'd be interesting if they could translate (accurately... which would have to be verified) all the strings/Encyclopedia/other translatable .xml files as an alternative, ie. one _entire_ translation each. I'd say it couldn't take them much less time...
  10. crusadingknight

    Working at EL

    It certainly beats... uh... working as an agri. tech. (Really, that's the only thing I can compare to that.)
  11. crusadingknight

    Going back to Eternal Lands for a while.

    I wrote a SMALL to widget interface a while back, to make it more customizable (ie. player-customizable HUD, icons, effects, etc...) but I never bothered to finish or release it. Maybe after I finish that stupid &*%*% notepad text editor widget (yep, it needs a specialized widget of it's own).
  12. crusadingknight

    Taxes and maintenance cost

    I think he said earlier they could, but I'm not certain. As for each player creating a town, it would be the same as guilds - you recieve a larger advantage for being in someone else's guild, than founding one on your own, so why create a town/guild if you'll be the only one in it?
  13. crusadingknight

    Monster Invasions

    Why not make them research faster based on level then? Because they'll certainly have (a bit) more of the required knowledge from exp.
  14. crusadingknight

    The bots in EL

    Played as a normal character: In some cases, with specific approval. What they can do: It's in the rules. There are a few gambling bots, some merchant bots (both of which can make a lot of money), chat bots, which tell stories, converse with the play, etc., and one pk-bot, which guards one guild's private cave (both the bot and cave were bought for USD... the bot makes a lot of money too). Generally, if it's not trying to gain exp without permission, or macro, or break the rules in any other way, it's allowed.
  15. crusadingknight

    The research NPC

    As of right now, Roja only works on EL, so I'd assume they'll end up in both. Plus, radu said so. :P
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