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    Click and drag

    I'm trying to make something to click and drag an object. I'm using glRasterPos2f(MousePosX, MousePosY) to draw the object at mouse position. The problem is that glRasterPosition() works only for glBitmap() or glDrawPixel(). How can I make something like that to work with any type of object (a primitive, or a gluCylinder...) Can somebody give me an example or a sugestion??? Thanks. Renato - Eng.Elétrica-UFV
  2. Hi. I want to play a sound in the animation while an object moves through the screen. I'm trying to use the mmsystem function PlaySound("sound.wav", NULL, SND_SYNC) to repeat the wave sound at each loop (the sound duration is only 1 second), but the animation becomes very slow. I changed to SND_ASYNC but this way the sound is not played. It seems that opengl don´t draw the scene while the sound is playing. So I should play the sound and draw the scene in parallel (how?). Can somebody give me a tip??
  3. renatoelt

    Bad effect

    I'm having a serious problem in my project. The drawing has two parallel plans. When I zoom out it appears an horrible effect. THE PLANES SEEMS TO MIX. The effect reduces when the distance between the planes is high, but the problem remains. How to eliminate this undesirable effect? Please.....Help....S.O.S.... Thanks
  4. renatoelt

    Surface in OpenGL

    Hi. I know the basics in OpenGL, but I'm trying to create a surface like mountains. I have some heights (z position) of some points so this surface must pass in this points. How can I do it??? There is a tutorial here that describe something like this??? Thanks very much.
  5. I would like to know wath is the interval of the loop of an OnIdle event (TApplication::OnIdle), in Borland C++ Builder. It takes the high precision timer????? thanks RenatoElt - UFV
  6. renatoelt

    Fast timer

    I'm doing a project and I need to put a clock of 1Mhz (period of 1 microsec )in a pin of my parallel port. But programming in Windows the minimum timer interval that I get is 1 milisec. How can I get a faster timer?? Has any function in a standard c++ lib? It's essential to me. Help me please. Thanks. Renato Eng.Eletrica - UFV
  7. renatoelt

    OpenAL in C++ Builder

    No. This is not the prblem. I'm having some linking errors. I dont know how to imput the openal libs in the project. Do you know any text about Setting up OpenAL in C++ Builder?? Thanks very much
  8. renatoelt

    OpenAL in C++ Builder

    I'm trying to use OpenAL in Borland C++ Builder. How to configure the OpenAL to use in this compiler?? Any secret or tips? Renato Abreu Eng. Elétrica - UFV
  9. renatoelt

    Handling mouse

    Hi! There are any standard C++ library that handle mouse? I know that mmsystem.h handle joystick. But what is the one that handle mouse and keyboard??? Thanks.
  10. How can I handle the fps of the animation in OpenGL?
  11. HI, I have been trying to use Opengl in Borland Builder C++ applications. The glu end gl functions works perfectly but when I build and run using a glut function (like glutJoystickFunc()) it causes an access violation error with the following message: "Access violation at address 10005BE7 in module 'GLUT32.DLL'. Read of address FFFFFFFF." Is not possible to use Glut in Builder C++??
  12. renatoelt

    Accessing joystick (with GLUT)

    thanks... Can somebody help me?
  13. hi... How can I access the joystick with opengl? I know that are the functions glutForceJoystickFunc() and glutJoystickFunc(), but I don't know how it works. Can somebody give me an example or a suggestion? thanks Renato Ele.Eng. [Edited by - benjamin bunny on January 16, 2005 7:24:32 PM]
  14. I need to create a program with c++ and opengl, that have a nice graphical interface (with a lot of pushbuttons, sliders, edit boxes...). Somebody have a suggestion about the easiest way to do this???? Renato B. Abreu Engenharia Elétrica - UFV
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